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Posted 08/29/2018 in Medical Card

5 Things You Need to Know About Having a California Medical Marijuana Card

5 Things You Need to Know About Having a California Medical Marijuana Card

5 Things You Need to Know About Having a Medical Marijuana Card

Even though marijuana is now legal in California, you are still not legally allowed to carry or consume it without a medical card from a licensed medical facility. That will only change in the last few months of 2018 after the relevant laws have been passed. It is estimated that presently there are about 1.5 million residents who have a medical card that exempt them from laws prohibiting growing, buying or consuming of marijuana. It is actually quite easy to get the California Medical Marijuana Card although there are several factors you need to consider before you get one. 

Ways to Get a Medical Marijuana Card:

Most people wonder how they can get their hands on the Medical Marijuana Card that can allow them to use marijuana. Well, you can actually get it if you live in California; in fact, some residents have been able to do so since 1996. Doctors have been recommending it to patients because of its medical benefits but they can’t prescribe it. Marijuana is still illegal under federal law and therefore it’s not approved for use by medics under FDA regulations. At first, the recommendation letters were all that doctors could give patients, later after the Prop 215 was passed, the letters eventually changed to the current California Medical Marijuana Card. 

You can still do what people used to do back in the 1990s. You book an appointment with the local doctor, pay the consultation fees, and get the medical marijuana recommendation card. However, that is a costly and time-consuming approach. That is why we recommend that you use an online doctor. That will save you a lot of time, money, and effort. 

What are the Qualifying Conditions?

Many studies focus on the medical benefits of marijuana are ongoing. The following list includes some of the health issues that qualify a person to get a marijuana recommendation letter or card. The list keeps changing as researcher discover other medical marijuana benefits. 


● Arthritis 

● Anorexia 

● Cancer 

● Chronic Pain 

● Cachexia 

● Glaucoma 

● Migraines 

● Severe Nausea 

● Muscle spasms 

● Seizures caused by different conditions and sicknesses 

Those are the most common conditions and diseases that doctors can diagnose you with and use to make a marijuana recommendation. However, in California, you can get a recommendation if you have any other physical or mental condition that causes a drop in your ability to perform your daily duties. It's that requirement that opens up medical marijuana as a treatment of diverse health conditions

Your First Visit to the Local Dispensary

You obviously need to show up at the local dispensary with your CA ID, unfortunately if on your visit, the state ID won't be enough for you to get your marijuana dose. You will also need to come with the doctor's recommendation letter that has your full names, your patient ID and the date the doctor gave it to you. Apart from those patient-specific details, the letter has to be signed by the doctor, have their contact details such as phone and email, and be embossed with a seal to make sure it's authentic.

What are the Legal Limits?

What advantage will medical marijuana cardholders have over those who do not have any card when marijuana gets legalized in 2018? Well, as of now, if you have no Medical Marijuana Card, you cannot grow your marijuana indoors or outdoors. When Prop 64 comes into force, the non-card holders will get one plant while the cardholders will be allowed to grow up to six adult plants. However, you still have to over 21 years of age to grow any marijuana plant. You are also required to grow them in places that have restricted access to prevent anyone but you from accessing it. 

You need to be careful when it comes to how much marijuana you can carry. Typically, you should only carry less than 28.5 grams at any time to qualify as a personal user of marijuana. If you carry more than that, you could easily get in trouble with law enforcers for dealing in drugs. 

How to Renew Your California Medical Marijuana Card

It may appear that the Marijuana Card is a lifetime pass card to marijuana use. However, that is not the case. You need to renew it every 12 months in order to keep it valid. You will need to take the entire steps you did the first time but you must not let it expire. If it expires before you renew it, then all the benefits are lost and you could get into trouble for being in possession of marijuana in any of its forms. 

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