A Look At Back Pain / Spasms & Medical Marijuana
Posted 05/30/2017 in Conditions

A Look At Back Pain / Spasms & Medical Marijuana

A Look At Back Pain / Spasms & Medical Marijuana

Millions of people today are dealing with issues associated with residual pain. Pain isolated in the back, especially from accidents, sports injuries, and aging are common. For the most part, people will take over the counter pain relievers, but that can only help marginally. When chronic pain becomes unbearable, many patients find themselves at wit’s end. There are extremes, of course, but before going under the knife, many are finding relief from back pain and back spasms with the use of medical marijuana. 

The Problem With Chronic Pain

Nearly 140 million sick days are called annually. Of these days off, the grand majority are due in large part to pain in the lower back, to the point where workers cannot go into work and deal with the everyday struggle of lifting, and repetitive stress placed on the spine, and areas around it. Patients that consult doctors in this area are often given pain medications, including opiates. 

There’s nothing wrong with getting help from a doctor, but many pain relievers are habit forming and can lead to addiction and worse. Transferring the problem of chronic pain into addiction can be quite tough for individuals to deal with, which is why medical marijuana has been introduced in many states. 

Medical Marijuana Therapy

In several states, medical marijuana therapy has been given to patients that are dealing with chronic pain. Instead of surgery and narcotics, they have been given options that directly deal with pain and relieve issues of the back without any side effects. Heavy side effects from opiate and narcotic use can damage the body, and could even lead to death. 

Marijuana on the other hand has been proven to dull pain receptors for hours on end, increase appetite, and mobility overall. Researchers have found that the delivering THC to the body can not only help with creating a balancing for those suffering from chronic pain, but can relieve spinal issues without dependency. 

When compared to the side effects, and further problems associated with pharmaceutical pain relievers, marijuana seems poised to overtake them. It’s not just a matter of dulling pain, as medical marijuana has been able to help people with mood elevation, appetite, and much more. It’s a solution that doesn’t just mask pain, it can help the body in many ways.