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Posted 09/16/2019 in Health

Exploring Cannabis Topicals and How they Work

Exploring Cannabis Topicals and How they Work

Check Out Some Good Info on Cannabis Topicals and How they Work

Traditionally, many people believe that cannabis strictly belongs in a joint or bong, or that it must get you high. On the contrary, topical have taken a new turn as it depicts how cannabis induced products are effective for external use.

Topical is a cannabis-infused oils, balms, and lotions. Once applied, your body absorbs them through the skin to relieve soreness, pain, and inflammation. It is most endorsed by patients in need of therapeutic benefits of cannabis without cerebral euphoria related to other methods of delivery.

How does cannabis topicals work?

Your body has numerous CB2 receptors. Cannabis-infused oils, salves, sprays, and lotions work by binding to a network of these receptors, which are activated by endocannabinoids that occur naturally in your body, or by phytocannabinoids such as THC, CBD which are cannabis compounds. However, topical does not give you the ‘high' feeling you get after ingesting or smoking cannabis, regardless of whether it has an active THC or not. Topical also lack the ability to breach your bloodstreams but will penetrate to CB2 receptors' system. Transdermal patches bring the cannabinoids to the bloodstream leading to a psychoactive effect with plenty THC content.

What medical conditions are best treated with topical?

Cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system, and therefore, they effectively manage chronic pain from rheumatism and arthritis. Besides, cannabis-infused balms and salves are non-psychoactive. They affect the only regions they are applied on and help in relieving pain, muscle soreness, muscle ache, tension, and inflammation. A combination of topical with CBD and THC works efficiently in managing the central pain of multiple sclerosis. If you have a headache, itch, cramps, dermatitis or even psoriasis, topical is what you need for relief. Using peppermint and a cooling menthol with THC is a perfect way to calm you from a hike or vicious workout.

Top best brands for topical?

Salve from Mary Jane's Medicinals: Provides relief from psoriasis, severe joint pain, itchy rashes and arthritis. It is anti-inflammatory and enhances circulation and smoothes your wrinkles giving your skin a tender and younger looking appearance.

Empower oil from Empower Body Care: With its simple user instructions, empower oil provides relief from menstrual cramps, joint pain, eczema, sore muscles, headaches, and bug bites in addition to providing skin nourishing benefits.

Lip buzz from Apothecanna: It is made from cannabis, mango, and shea butter. While cannabis gives your lips anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits, mango and shea butter make your lips to remain moist and nurture delicate and distressed skin.

Love Yourself Healing Oil from Cannabis Basics: Made from organic hempseed oil, olive oil, vitamin E and cannabis flower. It's good for massage and moisturizes your skin every day after a shower. It also nourishes dry skin and calms your senses from Lavender's aromatherapy.

Kush Cremes Aloe-Based Face and Eye Cream: It has anti-inflammatory property best for your skin. It prevents acne, reduces wrinkles, and smoothes your skin. It's scent-free thus efficient to sensitive skins.

4 Interesting facts about cannabis topical

  1. Non-Addictive and All natural
  2. Different tokes for different people: Given that the world of medical marijuana is huge, people use it differently such as with THC while others with nonpsychoactive CBD
  3. Cannabis topical are not efficient to people with heart problems
  4. Less is more: Taking least amount of cannabis topical brings a huge effect to your body.


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