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Posted 08/14/2020 in Health

Sports Injuries and Chronic Pain: Cannabis Helps a Former Football Pro

Sports Injuries and Chronic Pain: Cannabis Helps a Former Football Pro

Athletes commonly face sports-related injuries. Whether we are talking about immature sportspeople or professional athletes, they are going to develop sports injuries and aches at some point. Playing sports comes with a price. Specifically, every game leads to a particular torment in one or more body parts, which are primarily involved in sports.

As a distinct treatment, people go for pharmaceutical drugs in case of sports injury. Without any offense, such drugs have lesser pros than cons. We have seen instances where the athlete becomes dependent upon drugs like painkillers for life. The addiction of such painkillers is so healthy that patients cannot live without them.

In this situation, athletes look for other options. You must have heard of using cannabis for chronic sports pain. Depending on marijuana, pain relief is not something new to the world. Cannabis pain management is something alienated from the sports industry. If the higher administration gets to know that some player is relying on cannabis pain relief, his/her career would be in danger.

The problem is that people confuse the effects of cannabis with steroids. The function of marijuana is not to enhance performance. Such a type of medication is utilized for pain relief. We can say that it is a therapeutic drug.

Due to the positive impacts of cannabis pain management, more athletes are looking forward to using cannabis-based medication to deal with sports injuries and chronic pain. Recent researches show that the human body is designed to welcome cannabis-based medicines. Our body is equipped with an Endocannabinoid system that releases a special type of receptors to enhance the effects of cannabis pain relief drugs.

Our body possesses natural CBD that works correlatively with CBD oil at the part of the body, which has been compromised. CBD is a scientifically proven drug for pain relief. It not only treats spasticity but also is recorded to treat fractures too.

No wonder why everyone wants to grow marijuana from medical cannabis seeds in their backyard.

Cannabis Pain Management For Athletes

The proficient players are not the only ones who are looking for the most effective recovery treatment. Any individual who is determined to live a healthy lifestyle can get benefit from cannabis-based treatments.

It does not matter whether you are a player or an average person; the function of a cannabis pain relief drug is to soothe the torment. In simple words, medical marijuana creates a spark among people who follow an active lifestyle and want to recover from injuries quickly.

Cannabis pain management can treat several types of injuries ranging from minimal to severe. We have listed the most common ones as per the following:

  • Broken bones
  • Anxiety
  • Sore muscles
  • Dislocated points
  • Head trauma
  • Headaches

You must be wondering how marijuana pain relief works. Let's break down this thing.

Cannabis happens to possess compounds like phytocannabinoids, which function exactly like endocannabinoids in our body. These compounds interact with specialized receptors in our body that are responsible for initiating and maintaining homeostasis. This way, cannabinoids help in treating injuries and torments.

Following are the most common advantages of using medical marijuana for sports injury:

  • Pain relief
  • Neuropathic pain relief
  • Anxiety reduction
  • Healing of bones and joints
  • Marijuana Pain Relief For Athletes

As mentioned earlier, marijuana is not famous for enhancing the performance of a person. When a person takes cannabis, it is obvious to observe increased heart rate, lowered cardiac functioning, and coordination. Such situations do not work in favor of performance enhancement. No doubt, cannabis is a potential candidate as a therapeutic drug for pain relief but does not win the race when we are talking about performance elevation. We must not confuse cannabis with steroids.

You must be wondering why cannabis pain relief has become such a prospective drug in the sports industry?

The answer is that it contains cannabidiol, which is a non-psychoactive compound. It helps that body in healing fracture by speeding up collagen crosslinking.

Cannabis pain management is gaining fame for its analgesic properties.

This type of medication is known for reducing neuropathic pain, which is triggered due to concussion injuries. CBD also reduces the inflammation that speeds up recovery. But still, it is included in the World Anti-Doping Prohibited List for infamous and controversial concerns. The most recorded reason is that players feel less anxiety before the performance when they have taken cannabis.

Be that as it may, numerous expert athletes are currently using cannabis for its innate restorative potential. Athletes with constant and crippling wounds – the individuals who no longer dread medication tests and suspension – are the most candid about utilizing cannabis as a medication.

Is Medical Marijuana Is Bad For Athletes?

While there are numerous beneficial results of marijuana on athletes, there is a question of whether smoking is the most beneficial decision.

Smoking cannabis pain relief and working out works for certain athletes. While there still should be more exploration of the association between marijuana and athletic execution, numerous athletes report that taking marijuana before working out and turning out to be high lifts their exhibition. Other athletes are inclined to smoke clinical marijuana in the wake of working out to receive recuperation rewards.

In any case, smoking weed and playing sports isn't an ideal choice for every athlete, especially if they have breathing issues or an antagonistic response to smoking, for the individuals who for reasons unknown, lean toward not being an athlete smoking weed, other utilization strategies would be a superior decision for coordinating cannabis into their exercise schedule.

How Cannabis Pain Relief Helped A Former Football Pro?

Many young men fantasize about playing proficient football, yet not many of them ever consider the dangers that accompany the brilliance. Previous NFL player Brandon Haw was the same. He started playing football when he was only eight years old, and in those days, his consideration was centered around the difficulties inborn in the game. 

Brandon was enjoying his college career when he was offered to play in the NFL in 2004. He was drafted in many teams, including Philadelphia, to Seattle Seahawks. Throughout his professional career, he was prone to common injuries as he was a proficient defender. He could not do better without Ibuprofen, and a bottle of Motrin as these drugs would relieve the pain instantly.

With time the physical state started to affect his mental stability. He experienced that he was going through severe mood swings. Losing his temper was becoming healthier than ever. It is evident that such changes were affecting relationships.

Brandon took this lightly and focused on the game. As the source of the problem was not getting cured. Things got worse as the end of the career was near.

He tried to solve the problem by himself by relying on alcohol. However, it turned out to be an even bigger problem. His marriage was falling apart. Because of his temper, he had to deal with legal troubles too. Later he was diagnosed with depression to the extent where he wanted to commit suicide at any cost.

Fortunately, Brandon was enlightened by an ex-player who introduced the medical marijuana pain relief to him. As per him, he observed the changes after taking only one dose of cannabis.

Brandon was surprised by the results. He started researching cannabis pain management seriously. He came to know that cannabis helps a lot in treating brain trauma and injuries, which are pretty common in sports. Further, he tried different strains and found out that Sour Diesel worked best for him. This strain came with the most benefits for him.

Roused by the positive changes related to his utilization of medical cannabis, Brandon has become a solid supporter for others looking for help from torment. He is associated with a few associations that are attempting to increase legal access to cannabis and pushing for more examination on the advantages for individuals with an assortment of medical judgments.

Final Words

It will take time to have a policy that will allow athletes to make medical marijuana without any fear. Fortunately, in some states, it is legal to use cannabis pain management. Amateur athletes have started using cannabis for a sports injury in a normal routine. Due to the profound results of cannabis-based medication, athletes are intrigued by it.

The main reason for which it is prohibited is smoking as it is not everyone's cup of tea. In fact, athletes should consult doctors before trying out cannabis strain. Supervision and monitoring are essential for the best results. It is time for athletes to have the freedom to use medical marijuana without any fear of compromising a professional career. The authorities must understand that marijuana only relieves the pain instead of elevating the performance.


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