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Our licensed San Diego doctors, who specialize in cannabinoid medicine, will by no means turn you away from receiving the amazing benefits that medical marijuana has to offer you in the case that you qualify from our trusted evaluations. Right after qualifying for medical cannabis at our San Diego clinics, you’ll obtain a San Diego medical marijuana card that will help qualify you to purchase medical marijuana at a certified dispensary or collective. Get your medical card today!

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San Diego medical marijuana card If you want to obtain a mmj recommendation, you don’t have to work too hard. As with any other city in California, you will first need to schedule a consultation with your doctor to determine your eligibility and explore your options in regard to your condition.

Getting a San Diego medical marijuana card will allow you to treat your condition with marijuana.

The application process

Once you’ve met with your doctor and discussed your condition, your doctor will need to determine a treatment course for you. Once your doctor has determined that you are eligible for treatment with medical marijuana, he or she will write up a letter of recommendation for you to submit. At this point, you will be required to pay upfront fees and submit an application in San Diego.

As of July 6, 2010, applications were accepted only by appointment. When you show up to submit your application, you will need to present a medical marijuana identification card. It would also help to know what conditions are typically treated with medical marijuana. In San Diego, medical marijuana is used to treat anorexia, AIDS, cancer and chronic pain. These, of course, are just a few examples. There are several more. These include epilepsy, glaucoma and arthritis.

Minors, if they are emancipated, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to be evaluated. These steps are required to obtain a San Diego medical marijuana card.

San Diego treatment facilities While there are many independent doctors who offer medical marijuana as a treatment option, there are many medical facilities that also dispense medical marijuana. Knowing what these facilities are will help you greatly in putting your San Diego medical marijuana card to use. The San Diego Herbal Alternatives clinic accepts patients with a San Diego medical marijuana card.

Who provides the card?

Every county in the state of California is required to provide inquiring individuals with a medical marijuana card, if marijuana treatment is needed. The county in which one applies is required to supply the mmj card. If you applied in San Diego, your mmj recommendation will be issued by the county of San Diego.

You can contact the Department of Public Health in California if you have questions regarding the status of your San Diego medical marijuana card. You can have any other questions answered regarding your request for medical marijuana answered by the California Department of Public Health. According to San Diego Magazine, you can legally only possess eight ounces of marijuana, if you use medical marijuana to treat your preexisting condition.

San Diego is pretty open, when it comes to medical marijuana. You do, however, have to stay within legal limits.


Obtaining a San Diego medical marijuana medical marijuana card is not a difficult task. It is a process, no doubt, but doctors and government are very receptive to your needs. Keep this in mind when you apply.

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