We’re proud to offer patients world-class evaluations at affordable prices. Our physicians specialize in offering the best care, expertise in cannabis, bedside manners online, & compassion towards our patients.

We are 100% Legit – Licensed by The CA Medical Board

ALL medical clinics should have a fictitious name permit – it’s mandatory per the Medical Board and here’s ours!

Search for yourself on the California Medical Board Website: https://search.dca.ca.gov/

Rest assured – You’re Getting the Best service for a medical card online!

How We Started

OneLoveMD.org was started in 2013 as a group of California doctors saw the need for direct access to marijuana recommendations, affordable evaluations under Prop 215 and Senate Bill 420 – specifically for reggae festivals, 420 events, and music festivals. Over time, the name became so well-known, we had to open to doors to the rest of the State by popular demand.

We’re big believers in the energy of One Love

We bring ‘high vibes’ – no pun intended, positive energy, kindness & compassionate – and out patients feel the difference. We’re here to support patients in getting the help they need as quickly as possible. While we strive to accomplish the fastest, most efficient visits, we really enjoy talking to our patients, getting to know them as a person, as a human – not just verification number!

Our Vision

Our vision is One Love to everyone! Whether you choose out service or not – One Love to you! Love is a high vibration word – one of the highest in the Universe. This is more than just cannabis evaluations – it’s spreading LOVE! We’re proud to have a significant network of patients across the state that believe in this cause and will soon be able to access much-needed medicine.