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All of the OneLoveMD physicians are licensed by the state they issue online medical marijuana cards from.  We are a group of compassionate, caring physicians helping patients with online medical marijuana card evaluations.

Online Medical Marijuana Doctors

Medical Marijuana Cards California Lets Users Get Recommendations  With "Virtual" Doctor's Visit

Compassionate doctors bring tele-medicine to the fore front cell phone or desktop portal that enables clients to get a medical marijuana card recommendation online from a 420 doctor – and cannabis conveyed to their entryway – is making its presentation in Southern California.

Meet with a doctor and get your California medical marijuana card

OneLoveMD.org Health Values


To assist patients get their cannabis card recommendations to use medical marijuana medicine for various ailments To spread LOVE while performing this task!


Enlightenment, Growth Ascension through helping others - we help ourselves - we are one.


To provide assistance for the patients we serve.

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