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Our Partners Benefit is a Win Win Scenario

We believe in:

*High quality, affordable evaluations for ALL patients

*MMJ patient's right to grow their own marijuana medicine at home

*Access to medical marijuana for ALL patients

*Being a valuable member of the medical cannabis community

OneLoveMD - The Web's #1 Medical Marijuana Recommendation Evaluations Services

OneLoveMD provides partners with benefits ranging from quick turn around times for dispensaries, cash rewards for patients, and patients seeking medical cannabis cards for MMJ doctors. 

Our easy process is 100% online - helping patients get their MMJ card online in 7-10.  Patients complete the intake, talk to a licensed doctor, and get their MMJ recommendation via instant text & email, & ID Card and paper copy mailed to the address on record. Our documents are accepted at all licensed dispensaries in California and all CA reciprocal states.


  • Licensed Doctors
  • Cannabis Dispensaries
  • Licensed Collective Clubs
  • Authorized Delivery Services

Please Note: All partners must be in compliance with the new Cannabis regulations of 2015, Assembly Bill 266, AB 243, and Senate Bill 643.

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