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420 evaluations CAOneLoveMD is an easy and secure approach to apply for a California medical marijuana card. We are a 100% online telemedicine medical marijuana doctors interfacing connecting patients with educated, caring online medical marijuana doctors for medicinal marijuana recommendations.

OneLoveMD online medical marijuana doctors are qualified and have a profound comprehension of the medicinal cannabis’ medical advantages. Meet with a real California doctor today!

  • A quick, electronic doctor`s suggestion (if qualified)
  • Day in and day out Online Verification
  • Therapeutic records kept up in our protected, HIPAA agreeable framework
  • Meeting with an authorized doctor
  • California Medical Board Licensed Marijuana Doctors
  • Quick lawful capability by means of email


  • Official emblazoned suggestion carefully conveyed via mail
  • Therapeutic Marijuana ID card
  • HIPAA and ASA Compliant
  • day in and day out Verification by Phone or Online
  • Assessment is FREE if you are NOT affirmed
  • Serving ALL qualified patients 18 years and more seasoned
  • Customized medical treatment arrange


OneLoveMD allows patients to connect with REAL compassionate California Medical Board licensed medical doctors via our online HIPAA compliant video-conferencing.


In only a couple of basic clicks you can set up your record at OneLoveMD.

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In the wake of making a record, patients meet with real online medical marijuana doctors in the most effective and confidential manner.

California Medical Marijuana Cards / Recommendations

Get your cannabis recommendation immediately, then a signed copy mailed to the address of your choice.


Some patients are exploring 420 evaluations near me, 420 doctors near me, online medical cards, medical marijuana cards renewals online – OneLoveMD 420 doctors can help patients determine if cannabis can be a helpful medical treatment – sign-up online, make an appointment, get seen online, then get your recommendation to download from our EMR system, and get your mailed copy in a few days!

New Patient California Medical Marijuana Cards Online evaluations

Our California Medical Marijuana Doctors helps patients get real Cannabis online evaluations! For new patients – speak with a doctor, review the methods of t=use, types of strains and medicinal value- A California Medical Cannabis card patient can visit any local dispensary in California and/ grow / cultivate cannabis at home.


California Medical Card Renewal Doctors near me

Explore options for California medical cards renewals doctors online today – sign-up, log-in, see a doctor online – from your desktop or mobile phone – get an evaluation – get your California medical marijuana card renewals online


Caregiver Recommendations

Help your disabled husband wife son daughter friend with a California caregivers recommendation – escort your loved one to any local California medical cannabis dispensary


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