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AIDS / HIV & Medical Marijuana

AIDS / HIV & Medical Marijuana

AIDS / HIV and Medical Marijuana treatment options – get 420 evaluations online for a California medical marijuana card for AIDS / HIV

AIDS  HIV and Medical Marijuana

AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome is the final stage for a person with HIV. At this time the immune system is weakened and a person will die. There are a number of illnesses that a person with AIDS will experience. These conditions will take advantage of the weakened immune state and the inability to fight off infections. These illnesses are often the cause of death for a person with AIDS.

There are many symptoms that are a result of having AIDS. A person may experience a fever, weight loss, a feeling of nausea, vomiting, sweating, and an overall feeling of weakness. A person can get a number of infections as well. A person with AIDS has a harder time fighting off serious health conditions including cancer, herpes simplex, and the human papillomavirus.

There are a number of infections that are related to AIDS. They include tuberculosis, cytomegalovirus, pneumonia, pneumocystis, Kaposi’s sarcoma, and toxoplasmosis. A person may experience wasting syndrome that may not be related to a specific. There are other illnesses and health conditions a person with AIDS may experience.

Since there are many symptoms that a person with AIDS can experience, there are several ways that medical marijuana can help a person diagnosed with AIDS. Some of these symptoms are treatable with medical marijuana. The Food and Drug Administration has blocked the use of medical marijuana for treatment of some of these conditions. There are certain marijuana based drugs including Marinol that can help a person with AIDS. This medication is legal in every state with a prescription.

Wasting syndrome is common with AIDS. A person may lose weight quickly and have trouble gaining some weight back. Medical marijuana can help a person with wasting syndrome. It will increase their appetite and at the same time decrease nausea and vomiting. The food will be able to be digested and the body will be able to get the nutrients from the food. The medication Nabilone and dronabinol are the medical marijuana medications that are legally allowed for people with AIDS. They are some of the best supported and documented treatments of medical marijuana.

Pain from AIDS and Medical Marijuana

AIDS related illnesses may leave a person with mild to severe pain. Medical marijuana can help ease the pain but it will depend on the course of the pain. There is evidence that shows that medical marijuana can reduce the dependence of opiates for pain management. It can also help a person that has nerve pain and inflammation from AIDS related illnesses.

Medical Marijuana and AIDS Related Illnesses

While medical marijuana is common to help people with AIDS that are suffering from wasting syndrome, vomiting , and nausea, it can help a person with other symptoms as well. Medical marijuana can help a person with AIDS that is suffering from inflammation, trouble breathing, constipation, and even depression. The use of medical marijuana will vary from state to state. It is up to the local government as well as the preference of the doctors to prescribe medical marijuana for AIDS related conditions. Explore how to get a medical marijuana card in California 2017.

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AIDS  HIV and Medical Marijuana

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