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Autoimmune Disorders (AD) & Medical Marijuana

Autoimmune Disorders (AD) & Medical Marijuana

Autoimmune Disorders (AD) and Medical Marijuana treatment options – get 420 evaluations online for a California medical marijuana card for Autoimmune Disorders (AD)


Autoimmune Disorders (AD) and Medical Marijuanahttp://www.onelovemd.org/get-marijuana-recommendation

Medical marijuana treatments and autoimmune disease 

Autoimmune diseases are as a result of immune disorders which cause the immune system of the body to stop recognizing parts of itself and develop antibodies that consider normal, healthy body tissues as strangers and start to fight, killing and destroying them. The autoimmune disorders triggered by viruses or bacteria may infect the body’s immune system making it to turn against itself. Some preclinical studies have linked Medical marijuana and autoimmune disease indicating that cannabinoids found in marijuana can give relieve to those suffering from autoimmunity diseases like diabetes mellitus.

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What is the autoimmune disease?

The Autoimmune diseases develop when the body’s immune system that defends your body against diseases starts fighting your healthy body tissues and cells. The disease can affect a lot of your body tissues and cells depending on the type of the autoimmune disease; it can also affect the normal functioning of your body system.

What are the common types of autoimmune diseases?

There are about 80 different types of autoimmune diseases, many of them having similar symptoms which make it so hard for doctors to treat them. Sometimes it is possible to suffer from more than one type of the autoimmune diseases, here are some of the common types of autoimmune diseases;

  • Type 1 diabetes: caused by the destruction of the pancreas cells that produce insulin thus causing the lack of insulin in the body.
  • Sjogren’s syndrome: this type of a disease develops when the glands producing saliva and tears have been destroyed causing dry mouth and eyes.
  • Vitiligo: this kind of illness results to the development of white patches on your body skin posed by the attack on the skin pigment.
  • Pernicious anemia: this is as a result of attacks on the red blood cells in the body making them dormant and unable to absorb vitamin B-12
  • Reactive arthritis: results from infections of eyes, urethra, and joints which may lead to sores on the mucous membrane and the skin.

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What are the causes of autoimmune disease?

The leading cause of autoimmune disease is the disorder of the immune system of the body, which can be due to the following;

  • Infections from viruses and bacteria related diseases like Herpes Simplex 1 and 2E and Epstein-Barr can lead to the development of autoimmune disease.
  • Stress also has been one the leading cause of autoimmune disease especially diabetes, exposing yourself to chronic stress due to life disappointments or other life issues has been proved to trigger the autoimmune disease.
  • The doctors have confirmed that autoimmune diseases in most cases are genetically motivated, meaning many people who suffer from these diseases come from families with the disease history.

Other causes of autoimmune disease include; chemical irritations such as some drugs which may lead to side effects and environmental irritations such as effects of heavy metals like mercury.

What are the current medication treatments of the autoimmune disease?

The autoimmune diseases are chronic diseases with no cure; the current treatments involve the attempts to control the progress of the disease and to reduce the symptoms. The treatment includes the following;

  • Pain medication: where the medics try to control the pains that the patient feel when suffering from the autoimmune disease.
  • Blood transfusions: like when the red blood cells have been affecting leading to a lack of blood to the patient.
  • Hormone replacement: some hormones may have been profoundly affected by attacks of the immune system to itself due to the immune disorder which might be necessary for the hormones replacement.

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You can also take self-measures to prevent yourself from these autoimmune diseases by eating healthy and balanced diet, avoiding stress and doing regular exercises.

Can marijuana treat autoimmune disease?

Research conducted scholars at the University of South Carolina in the United States of America shows that marijuana contains a THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which can help in the fight against autoimmune diseases. The study found out that the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) if injected into humans, can help the body to fight against the autoimmune diseases boosting the prospects of using medical marijuana in the fight against the chronic illnesses such as type 1 diabetes, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. Explore how to get a medical marijuana card in California 2017.

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Autoimmune Disorders (AD) and Medical Marijuana

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