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Posted 06/19/2021 in Medical Card by OneLoveMD

Can You Get a California Medical Marijuana Card for Migraine Headaches

Can You Get a California Medical Marijuana Card for Migraine Headaches


A migraine is a debilitating condition. As the third most common disease in the world, it's characterized by pulsating headaches. These are usually accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, sensitivity to sound and light as well as vomiting.

An estimated 3,000 migraine attacks occur each day for millions of the general population. More than three-quarters of migraineurs experience an attack every month, and more than half experience severe impairments as a result of migraine headaches.

Globally, the prevalence of migraine attacks is about 50%. This means, half to three-quarters of adults aged 18 years and older experience headaches. Of these, 30% experience migraine attacks.


Many people have tried over the counter medication to alleviate migraines without success. If over the counter medicines have not offered any relief, and you live in California, there is another solution.

Medical marijuana has proven to be a successful migraine remedy. But to buy a few ounces from a local dispensary, you need a California medical marijuana card.

Do Migraine Headaches Qualify You for Medical Marijuana in California?


Migraine headaches are severe with extreme pain. They can also include blind spots or tingling in your extremities. Using over the counter medication may not yield fruitful results. What has now proven to offer relief is medical marijuana.

The passage of Prop 215 and Senate 420 bill was a great victory to the people of California. Why you may ask. It's because severe conditions like migraine headaches qualified for medical marijuana. As such, patients and caregivers can procure cannabis from a local dispensary.

 Can You Get a California Medical Marijuana Card for Migraine Headaches

What Triggers Migraine Headaches?


After years of research, experts are yet to find out what causes migraines. Possible causes they have uncovered include changes to the brain that affects chemical balance.


Genetics plays a role too. So, if you have a family history of migraine headaches, then your risk level is high. According to experts, the following triggers migraine headaches:


  •  Emotional triggers such as anxiety, depression, shock, excitement, and stress


  •  Hormonal changes such as menses


  •  Physical causes such as neck and shoulder tension, poor posture, low blood sugar, and jet lag


  •  Medication such as sleeping pills for insomnia  and birth control pills


  •  Diet such as chocolate, caffeine, cheese, and citrus fruits


  •  Environmental factors such as strong smells, loud noises, and bright lights



What Are the Risk Factors of Migraine Headaches?


Besides the causes above, migraine headaches may occur due to the following:



  •  Bipolar disorder


  •  Overactive bladder



  •  Obsessive-compulsive disorder


  •  Irritable bowel disorder




What Are the Symptoms of Migraine Headaches?


The symptoms of migraine headaches happen in stages. Research shows that 20 to 60% experience the following symptoms before a migraine headache. They include sensory and physical such as aura.


You may experience pulsing headaches or severe throbbing if you have a migraine headache. Other symptoms may include nausea, nasal congestion, vomiting, sweating, stomach ache, and diarrhea. You may also experience irritability and tiredness that lasts for 2 days.


This is called the migraine hangover.

 Can You Get a California Medical Marijuana Card for Migraine Headaches

Does Cannabis Work for Migraine Headaches?


Migraines are tough to treat even with over the counter medication. But an option that has proven to work is medical marijuana. Medical cannabis helps to ease migraine headaches symptoms and also keep them from starting.


Want to know how cannabis fights migraine headaches? Without going into the science, the human body has a network of cannabinoid receptors. Basically, these receptors are tiny loops of protein, affecting how we feel pain.


When it comes to cannabis, it has cannabinoids. These compounds activate the cannabinoid receptors in our body, suppressing the pain signals. Besides containing the pain signals, cannabinoids also ease symptoms such as anxiety and nausea.


In a 2017 study, researchers sought to find out if cannabis is useful for headache disorders. The study involved 127 patients suffering from chronic migraines and severe headaches. Each patient received a cannabis-based medication, including THC and CBD.


The dose varied between patients. Some received a 200 mg dose each day for three months, while others received the THC-CBD combo or 25 mg of amitriptyline. The group that received 200mg of THC-CBD experienced less pain - about 55% less.


This led to researchers concluding that THC-CBD drug is effective in reducing migraine pain by 43.5%.


Another study carried out in 2019 came to a similar conclusion. In the WSU study, researchers analyzed archival data from an app. This app tracks patients' symptoms before and after using medical cannabis.


Over 1,300 patients who used the app, submitted the information. From the data, researchers discovered that inhaled cannabis reduces migraine headaches by 49.6%. The study also discovered that medical cannabis does not cause overuse headaches.


Overuse headache is a common issue with conventional treatments.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card for Migraine Headaches in California

Medical marijuana is legal in more than 31 states. Most Americans can get, cultivate, or possess medical marijuana while in possession of proper documents. In California, patients and caregivers need proper documentation. To get your mmj recommendation letter, you can apply for a California medical marijuana card online.

The best place to quickly get a medical card online is at OneLoveMD.org. OneLoveMD doctors are knowledgeable, compassionate, and will answer all your questions. Since 2011, OneLoveMD doctors have helped California residents obtain recommendations and MMJ cards via mmj evaluations.

To obtain your medical marijuana card, visit the OneLoveMD website, and video chat with a marijuana doctor. CDC recommends video visits as they help to reduce exposure. The doctor will ask you a few questions about your condition, medical history, and others.

A visit to the clinic will help to confirm your condition. If approved, the doctor will give you a weed card pdf. This will assist you in buying medical marijuana from authorized dispensaries. Besides the written recommendation, you can buy a medical marijuana card from OneLoveMD.

The state of California licenses the high-quality MMJ cards. This card will help to prevent you from getting in trouble with law enforcement officers.


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