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Posted 06/20/2021 in Medical Card by OneLoveMD

Can You Get a California Medical Marijuana Card for Neck Pain?

Can You Get a California Medical Marijuana Card for Neck Pain?

Neck pain is the fourth leading cause of disability in the US. Research shows that the annual prevalence of neck pain is between 30 to 50%. The prevalence is higher in women than in men, and it peaks when one is around 45 years of age.


Experts have also identified that 80% of the US population will experience neck pain at some point in their lives. Most people who get neck pain are healthcare workers, people with sedentary desk jobs, and manual laborers. The good news is, scientists discovered that medical marijuana can offer relief from neck pain.


To buy or possess medical cannabis, you need a California Medical Marijuana Card. To get one, you must first speak to a doctor, certified, and licensed in cannabinoid medicine.


In this post, we'll discuss what neck pain is, its symptoms, risk factors, how to get your medical cannabis card in California, and much more.

 Can You Get a California Medical Marijuana Card for Neck Pain

Does Neck Pain Qualify You For A Medical Marijuana Card in California?


Prop 215 or the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 is a law permitting the buying and possession of marijuana for recreational and medicinal use. Passed in 1996, the law is still in effect today and protects patients and caregivers buying or growing medical marijuana.


In 2019, California also passed Senate Bill 420. This law removes marijuana from the controlled substances list. Besides that, both laws also list which medical conditions qualify for medical cannabis treatment.


So, is neck pain a qualifying condition for medical cannabis treatment? Of course, neck pain is one of the severe health conditions listed as approved for medical marijuana treatment.


What Is Neck Pain?


Neck pain is a common complaint among men and women that results in pain. As you already know, muscles, ligaments, and bones of your neck support your head. They also allow a wide range of motions, such as bowing your head or turning your head to the sides.


In case of injuries or inflammation, you'll experience pain or stiffness. Many people experience neck pain occasionally. This is largely due to poor posture. For example, if you have a sedentary job where you have to sit in front of your laptop or PC for long hours, you may experience neck pain due to poor posture.


Besides poor posture, injuries from whiplash, contact sports, or from a fall can also cause neck pain. In most cases, neck pain is not a severe condition, and you can experience relief within a couple of days.


In some cases, neck pain may prolong. This is an indication of a severe injury or illness.


What Causes Neck Pain?


There are several disorders which can cause neck pain. One of those conditions is meningitis. Meningitis is a chronic condition caused by the inflammation of tissues around the brain and spinal cord. People who have meningitis may experience a headache and fever. This often occurs together with a stiff neck.


How do I know if my neck pain is meningitis? To know if you have meningitis, look out for the following symptoms:



  •  Feeling sick


  •  Vomiting


  •  Feeling disoriented


  •  Having severe neck stiffness (for no apparent reason)


  •  Running a high fever



You need to know that meningitis is a serious condition. Seek medical help immediately. We recommend seeking treatment within one day. Early treatment can prevent long term complications.


Besides meningitis, another cause of neck pain is muscle strain and tension. This occurs due to several activities. They include sleeping in a bad position, working at your desk for too long, or jerking your head while working out.


Other causes of neck pain include:



  •  Fibromyalgia


  •  osteoporosis


  •  Rheumatoid arthritis


  •  Spinal stenosis



On rare occasions, the following conditions may cause neck pain:



  •  Tumors


  •  Congenital abnormalities


  •  Cancer of the spine


  •  Abscesses

 Can You Get a California Medical Marijuana Card for Neck Pain


What Are the Symptoms of Neck Pain?


The symptoms of neck pain can range from minor, which you can ignore easily, to excruciating. When the pain becomes excruciating, it can interfere with your daily activities. For example, it can interfere with your sleep, concentration, and even the ability to dress. Sometimes, it can reduce your range of motion.


Basically, you'll be unable to turn your head. So, how long should neck pain last? If the pain lasts for less than four weeks, it's acute. If it lasts for 4 to 12 weeks, it's subacute, but if it lasts for more than three months, then it's chronic.


On some occasions, neck pain may be accompanied by muscle spasms in the upper back, shoulders, or neck. You may also experience tingling radiating down from the shoulder to the wrist.


Does Cannabis Work for Neck Pain?


Scientists have carried out numerous studies on the efficacy of cannabis on neck pain with promising results. In one such study, researchers sought to determine if medical cannabis can offer relief to patients with chronic neck pain.


The study involved 984 participants. Each participant completed a 77 item online survey. After analyzing the data, researchers determined that cannabis is effective against neck pain.


In another study, researchers discovered that CBD has a well-tolerated safety profile. As such, it's safe for treating various conditions, including neck pain. One method of taking CBD is orally. This involves taking edibles, capsules, and CBD oil. The method is beneficial in that it allows for accurate dosing to alleviate neck pain.


The problem is, it will take longer for the effects of CBD to offer relief from neck pain. This is primarily due to the slow digestion process. Another way researchers identified as effective against neck pain is topical CBD application.


Applying CBD infused creams, salves and balms will offer relief much faster than edibles or tincture.


How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card for Neck Pain in California


If you're experiencing neck pain, then medical cannabis is a good choice as a treatment option. To buy, possess, or grow cannabis in California, you need a medical card. At OneLoveMD, we can help you get your California medical marijuana card online.


Visit OneLoveMD.org and fill the e-registration form. It only takes less than a minute. Please submit the form and await additional instructions from our qualified doctors.


One of our doctors will review your application on submitting your form. If your medical condition qualifies, you'll receive a video-chat invite. The video chat is an opportunity for our doctors to evaluate.


The doctor will ask you a couple of questions to learn more about your condition and medical history. If you qualify for medical cannabis treatment, you'll receive a pdf copy of your medical marijuana card. You'll also receive a pdf copy of your recommendation.


Hard copies of both documents are usually mailed to your address immediately and should arrive after 3 to 5 days.


Get your medical marijuana card for neck pain today!

Can You Get a California Medical Marijuana Card for Neck Pain


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