Cancer & Medical Marijuana
Posted 09/09/2017 in Medical Card

Cancer & Medical Marijuana

Cancer & Medical Marijuana


Cancer & Medical Marijuana treatment options – get 420 evaluations online for a California medical marijuana card for Cancer

medical marijuana card for Cancer

Marijuana is commonly grown used as an alternative medicine for various conditions such as, insomnia, cancer, HIV, among others. It has some biologically important constituents which elicit medical effects such as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (often referred to as THC), and cannabidiol (CBD). 

Various studies on the effect of marijuana on treatment of cancer are ongoing, however the use of cannabis is illegal in most of the countries including the US. Some studies have revealed that it is useful in management of nausea and vomiting which are common in patients under chemotherapy. The most recent studies have also shown THC to have the ability of slowing down the growth of cancerous tumors and the death of some cancer cells. they thus prolong the life of cancer patients and also increase their quality of life. However, the exact manner of their action is not well known. 

Patients should however not rely on marijuana alone for management of their cancer. Medical marijuana should be used together with other conventional drugs to avoid serious adverse effects. Two marijuana based drugs have been approved for use on management of cancer. They include; 

Based on various studies, dronabinol can be useful for alleviating nausea and vomiting related to chemotherapy. Dronabinol also enhances appetite in cancer patients thus preventing them from losing much weight. The increased appetite also helps to alleviate the immune system of the patients. Nabiximols is also helpful in alleviating pain that is experienced by cancer patients. 

Side effects of cannabinoid drug

Similar to many other drugs, marijuana also has side effects. Most people develop side effects such like dizziness, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, headaches and fainting. Due to their effects on the CNS, they also cause mood swings, hallucinations, euphoria and sometimes mental illnesses. The symptoms differ from one patient to another but they majorly depend on the dosage. When the drugs are used together with other drugs such as sedatives, alcohol, and benzodiazepines they interact to cause synergistic effects such as enhancing sleep. However, it has been discovered that older patients have more severe side effects compared to other patients. They thus require medications of marijuana in smaller doses. 

The use of marijuana is contraindicated in some patients who may be suffering from disorders such as mental illness, schizophrenia and mania. These patients may have exacerbation of their condition if they use the marijuana. Before starting any of this treatments, it is important for you to consult with your doctor at first. 

Medical decisions on pain management should be done by both the patient and the physician. The major advantage of using cannabis and its derivatives is their ability to target malignant cells. In addition, they do not have toxicity on the body cells thus making them basic chemotherapy drugs. Explore how to get a medical marijuana card in California 2017.

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medical marijuana card for Cancer


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