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Chronic Pain & Medical Marijuana

Chronic Pain & Medical Marijuana

Chronic Pain and Medical Marijuana treatment options – get 420 evaluations online for a California medical marijuana card for Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain & Medical Marijuana

Chronic pain.

Chronic pain refers to the level in which the pain is more than or beyond the ordinary course of an acute ailment or healing of an injury. We can also say that chronic pain is the pain that may or may not be associated with either an acute or a chronic pathologic process that causes a significant and continuous pain over an extended period for example for months or even years.

  • Types of chronic pains

A lot of people suffer from this ailment all over the world. According to research carried out by the world organization, they stated that around 20 percent of individuals in the world suffer from chronic pains. Some of the chronic illnesses include; severe back pains, neck pain, chronic fatigue program, fibromyalgia, and TMJ disorder. Others include sciatica among others.

Effects of chronic pains.

There are several effects associated with this pain. Well apart from an individual living in great pain for months and even for years, one also end up spending a lot of resources in purchasing the medications for pain relief. According to a report by the pharmaceutical industry, they stated that medicines worth 13.2 dollars are consumed by people who suffer from chronic illnesses in a year.

The other effect caused by chronic pain is the loss of wage which is experienced due to employees failing to go to work as a result of back pain or even neck pain. It is also estimated that in the US alone, around 140 million working days are lost due to these pains. Therefore not only is chronic pain expensive regarding buying the medicine but it also affects the economy of a state. Well in the USA, the total cost for both direct and indirect for chronic pain is estimated to be 294.5 billion per year. This shows that the cost of treating chronic pain can be as high as the cost used to treat more than three deadly diseases such as cancer, artery diseases, and AIDS.

Chronic pains treatments.

Severe chronic pains are usually treated by the use of opioid narcotics such as the Vicodin and Percocet. The other drugs used to handle the strains include the ibuprofen acetaminophen. Both opiates and narcotics are useful in relieving severe pains, but they are considered to be addictive if continuously consumed for a long time. On the other hand, analgesics are not addictive but are usually not effective in relieving or even eliminating the pain altogether. Also, long term consumption of analgesics can lead to the development of severe side effects such as stomach bleeding and liver and kidney damage.

Medical marijuana and chronic pain.

Marijuana treatment for chronic pain and benefits.

Well, the other alternative treatment for chronic pains is the medical marijuana. Apart from the fact that it is affordable, also it does not have side effects found in other traditional medicines used in treating chronic pains. According to a study carried out in the year 1975, THC found in marijuana is an excellent pain reliever for cancer patients and was tested to have no side effects like other medicines. Therefore if you are suffering from chronic pains consider using medical marijuana for treatment.

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