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Posted 09/10/2019 in Health

Explore the Medical Marijuana Strains: Sativa vs Indica

Explore the Medical Marijuana Strains: Sativa vs Indica

What is the Difference Between Medical Marijuana Strains: Sativa vs Indica

It is with no doubt that medical marijuana has brought positive changes to the medical world. What many people are unaware of is that the effect of marijuana can vary greatly according to the sub-species you medicate with. The marijuana plant, known as the cannabis sativa L has two major sub species that can be utilized for medical purposes. They are the cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. Read on to understand into details the differences between these two species.  

Marijuana effects

Cannabis indica

Indica strains tend to be relaxants/ sedatives. Thus, they are more effective in treating conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, tremors, chronic pain, insomnia, muscle spasms and chronic pain. Common strains within this sub-species include gold star, white berry. Sensi star, blueberry and northern lights. Indicas usually have a higher amount of cannabinoids than sativa, which leads to a sedated body type stone. Since indica strains are known to cause feelings of heaviness and sleepiness, most patients prefer medicating with this type of marijuana at night.


Sativa strains act as stimulants. Thus, they are efficient at handling conditions such as depression, nausea, migraines, chronic pain and appetite stimulation. Common strains here include kiwi green, haze, and white Russian, K2, trainwreck and kali mist. Patients using sativas for medication experience an increase in energy levels due to the high levels of THC in the drug. Considering the effect of optimism and alertness, many patients prefer to use the medicine during the day. If you feel you need this for a health condition you are suffering from, get a 420 evaluation online today!


Just as the word suggests, hybrid is a mixture of the sativa and indica strains. The combination results in a drug that carries the characteristics of the two strains at a go. For instance, blending sativa into indica strains has been found to add mental clarity while reducing the sedation effects. On the other hand, addition of indica to sativa strains can eliminate partially or totally the effect of sativa stimulating anxiety. Common hybrid strains include OG kush, kandy kush, Himalayan gold, 00 diesel and blue cross.

The naming of hybrids is based on the dominant sub-species. For instance, there is pure indica, mostly indica, pure sativa or mostly sativa. As compared to the use of pure indica or sativa strains, most patients have benefitted largely from the hybrids. A variety of strains are available to patients, each of them with a unique cannabinoid percentage and effects.  Patients utilize cannabis via smoking, vaping with e-cigarettes, edibles, tinctures and more.

Talk to a medical marijuana doctor

Medical marijuana has improved the lives of many patients suffering from various illnesses such as cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS and many more. To know the best strain for the condition you are ailing, you ought to talk to one of the many qualified 420 doctors for an evaluation. In case you are wondering how to land medical marijuana cards, PureCann.com will help you. We have a database of qualified 420 doctors. Contact us today and get a medical marijuana card evaluation!

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