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Posted 07/30/2019 in Health

Good News for Arthritis Patients

Good News for Arthritis Patients

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is defined as an inflammation of the joints and is signaled by stiffness, limited movement, and swelling of the affected joint. There are over 100 classifications of arthritis with the two main ones being rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Patients suffering from this condition have been known to have these symptoms:

  • Limited ability to move the joint
  • Stiffness of the affected joint mostly in the morning
  • Soreness of the skin around the joint
  • Warmth at the affected joint

Medical marijuana and arthritis

Millions of American citizens have suffered from arthritis at one point in their lives, and this figure is bound to increase according to the trends.

Arthritis, just like any other joint disorder, is characterized by inflammation and is often accompanied by pain in the joints. The 100 varieties of arthritis are further categorized into two. There are those which are associated with inflammation resulting from overactive immune systems such as rheumatoid arthritis; and those which are linked with tear and wear of the joint cartilage-like osteoarthritis.

It is a combination of these types of arthritis that cause suffering to millions of United States citizens. They continue to drain the patients financially as treating the illnesses costs millions of dollars. This statistics can be backed up by a study by the Stanford University titled” the economic implication of arthritis.” According to this study, more than $56 billion is lost in work loss and medical costs by arthritis patients annually.

Treatment of arthritis

At the moment, there exist over one hundred medications for handling arthritis. However, most of the treatment techniques are known to cause severe side effects.

How does medical marijuana help arthritis?

With a lot of research regarding the use of medical marijuana, arthritis patients have also been lucky. Those who have used medical marijuana as a natural and affordable alternative have ascertained that it beats other treatments. The patients have experienced great results with less pain and enhanced movement.

The use of medical marijuana has been backed up by several studies. One such research is the one published in the Journal of Neuroimmunology in 2005 titled “Cannabinoids and the immune system: potential for the managing inflammatory diseases?” The research, carried out by J Ludovic and Takashi Yamamura, proved the usefulness of cannabis in treating inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

Another similar study was by Ethan Russo, the managing director and chief medical advisor at the Cannabinoid Research Institute in 2005. The study, which conformed to other studies was titled, “Arthritis and Medical Marijuana.

What is in cannabis that can help arthritis?

Science has now ascertained the presence of THC compound in marijuana. The component is a highly effective painkiller (analgesic). The other main component in cannabis is Cannabidiol (CBD) that has excellent immunomodulatory benefits thus enhancing the treatment of arthritis.

If you are an arthritis patient, we understand how hard it is for you. We would like you to know you are not alone and you can count on us. Book an appointment with one of our qualified physicians today. Allow us to bring that beautiful smile back on your face!



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