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Posted 09/08/2019 in Medical Card

How to Get a California Medical Marijuana Card in 2017

How to Get a California Medical Marijuana Card in 2017

For your information, anyone who resides in California and needs marijuana for medical purposes, he/she needs to first obtain a medical marijuana card. But the big deal is how do you obtain this medical marijuana card? Probably, you have heard people conversing on how to obtain one, but as for you it has become a stumbling block to understand the procedure.

Okay, with a proper procedure and correct information, you can actually be one of the beneficiaries to possess a medical marijuana card easily. In the following work, we are going to explain ways in which you can obtain a marijuana medical card and become one of the legalized smokers of marijuana in California.

What is it actually, a marijuana recommendation or a marijuana card?


Ways of obtaining a marijuana card


Since medical marijuana was allowed in the state of California, back in the year 1996, through Prop 215, medical specialists have allowed patients to use the plant healing powers, through a recommendation to use it. It’s referred to as a recommendation since doctors are prohibited to legally prescribe marijuana due the federal law that terms it as illegal.

It’s not a big deal if you term it as a medical marijuana card, doctor’s recommendation, MMID, weed card, or a license. In short, what the doctor gives you is just but an advice to use marijuana as medicine to treat your sickness or condition.

It is a necessity that all marijuana clinics in California to first accept the recommendation in form of a written letter. Actually, the letter should be on a sheet of paper of 8.5” x 11”, that has the patient’s full names, ID number, issued date, doctor’s signature, seal for authenticity proof, and an expiry date (valid for a year). When a patient is registered at a clinic for the first time, the clinic will normally issue the patient with a smaller ID card that has the recommendation on it, till it expires then a patient can go for a renewal.

Three ways for obtaining a medical marijuana recommendation in California


Process of obtaining a medical card

If you consider that medical marijuana will be of help in your health condition, then there is no problem in getting a recommendation. You may consider inquiring your personal physician if it is the correct choice to use marijuana, then he/she can write a recommendation for you. Generally, the majority prefer to done an evaluation by a cannabis expert, to determine if they require a medical card.

Approximately, there are around 420 marijuana doctors all over California, but visiting any of them is not really a good experience. As a matter of fact, the evaluation places are situated at places where you won’t have an easy access to (dangerous communities, especially for those residing in Los Angeles). Also, you will find long queues, and you’ll probably be overcharged without even obtaining the adequate information of how cannabis can help heal your ailment.

Fortunately, residents of California have the advantage of contacting a medical marijuana doctor easily, and get to be authorized to use cannabis. This easiest way is through online. It is a simple and fast, and legal as per the telehealth laws are concerned.

How online marijuana evaluation functions


Procedure of obtaining a marijuana card

When you decide to opt for an online evaluation, here is what to expect. To start with, you need to be sure that you can be able to fully do your marijuana evaluation from a device which is connected to the internet. Here, you will need to complete a standard medical form that resembles one which medical marijuana doctors have. There is an option where you will upload any medical reports or documents you may be having. A point to note is that all the medical information is totally private, as per the HIPAA regulations, and will not be publicly seen anywhere.

Before the evaluation begins, you will need to select one of the two choices. One will be buying only a recommendation letter, and the other one is purchasing an ID card for cannabis, that is issued out at marijuana clinics. Majority of online evaluations are free, and will only charge you when a doctor has approved you.

The evaluation of MMJ actually lasts for a couple of minutes, and it includes a clip or phone conversation of your health condition, your health history, and ways in which marijuana will be of help to you.

After being approved, immediately you get a digital PDF format of the recommendation through your email, which you can then print it out. What follows is that you’ll get a medical marijuana card and the official letter recommending you to use marijuana in your email. This will be after 2or three days have elapsed since you were approved. The letter will contain a seal, and will be signed by a marijuana doctor.

When you are in possession of your medical marijuana card, then you are free to visit one of the marijuana clinics and buy some cannabis.

Common asked questions about obtaining a medical marijuana card

Q: is there a need to renew the recommendation from a medical marijuana doctor?

A: of course yes. It needs to be renewed yearly.

Q: What requirements to get a California medical marijuana card?

A: A condition whereby medical marijuana is recommended, and any form of identification in the USA.

Q: Is it possible to apply for a MMJ card when I don’t have an ID of California?

A: Generally, it is not possible. But there is nowhere where it is stated that you need to be a local of California in order to be granted a medical marijuana card. For this reason, you can use any form of identification allowed in the U.S.

Q: Can my insurance cover the bills of medical marijuana card?

A: No. this is because marijuana is regarded as a Schedule I drug in the federal law of the U.S.

Q: which health condition can guarantee me a recommendation from the doctor?

A: generally, doctors issue recommendations to patients that have AIDS, severe pains, cancer, anxiety problems, and many other conditions. But note that any illness that be healed by marijuana will grant you a recommendation.

Q: what is the quantity that I can have or grow as per the medical marijuana card?

A: in fact, the present Senate Bill 420 (SB420) outlines that a marijuana patient is allowed to grow a maximum of 6 marijuana plants for the sole purpose of consumption. But there was a ruling by the Supreme Court, which passed that a patient have culture as many plants, in order to meet his/her medical needs.

In review:


About 1.4 million people in California have a doctor’s recommendation to use marijuana to heal their ailments.

To officially get a medical marijuana card, you require a recommendation letter from a doctor. The medical card is also called a weed card, license, or a med card.

To obtain a medical card, you’ll inquire it from your primary physician, apply for it online, or visit a 420 doctor.

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