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Posted 09/08/2020 in Medical Card

How-to Get Your California Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Online

How-to Get Your California Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Online

Overview of the Process to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card Online in California

OneLoveMD Online medical marijuana doctors can evaluate patients online for medical marijuana evaluations – California medical marijuana card renewal online!

Click here to complete your MMJ evaluation online and get your medical marijuana card online in approx 10 minutes in the comfort of your own home.

Here are the precise steps to getting a California medical marijuana card inexpensively and easy:

1. Create an account at OneLoveMD with your personal laptop, home or work desktop, your tablet or any smartphone (or any type of internet-connected electronic device).
2. Fill out a brief medical form. First, add the basics like your name, your birthdate and an address. Next, describe your own medical conditions in the questionnaire, so that the MMJ doctor more about your medical history, educate you about how medical marijuana can possibly benefit your medical issues.
3. Lastly, add payment information to complete the form and talk via video-chat with a 420-friendly doctor five to 10 minutes to finalize your 420 evaluation. Done - Quick - Easy!
4. Once you’re approved for your cannabis recommendation, OneLoveMD patients pay just $59 total, which is a cheap price such great value! Your medical marijuana evaluation is free if you aren’t approved.

Get Your California Medical Marijuana Card Renewal Online


  • PDF ONLY 12 month Letter of Recommendation renewal from a licensed physician.
  • 24/7 Online verification of your legal status.
  • NO Medical Marijuana ID CARD.
  • NO Grower's Authorization to cultivate up to 99 plants / possess 8 oz. or more of MMJ.

$39/year mmj card


  • recertify 12 month Letter of Recommendation from a licensed physician.
  • 24/7 Online verification of your legal status.
  • Medical Marijuana ID CARD.
  • NO Grower's Authorization to cultivate up to 99 plants / possess 8 oz. or more of MMJ.

$49/year mmj recommendation


  • 12 month Letter of Grower`s Recommendation from a licensed physician.
  • 24/7 Online verification of your legal status.
  • Medical Marijuana ID CARD.
  • Grower's Authorization to cultivate up to 99 plants / possess 8 oz. or more of MMJ.

$169/year cultivation license

How to Renew Medical Card Online in California - Quickly Renew Your Medical Cannabis Card With OneLoveMD

It's that time to talk to your doctor regarding your medical conditions.  Instantly get a medical marijuana card pdf today! OneLoveMD can help you do this online too!  By getting a medical card you'll get 24/7 service so keep reading as we talk about quick How to Renew Medical Card Online in California to continue picking up or growing medical weed with an online 420 doctor.  

What Is a Medical Marijuana Card Renewal?

If you’re considering a How to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card online, then you probably already have a doctor’s recommendation or medical marijuana card. So [Prop 215](https://ballotpedia.org/California_Proposition_215,the_Medical_Marijuana_Initiative(1996)) and the California Senate Bill 420 were passed in California, any doctor with a California medical board license is able to recommend marijuana for medical purposes for any patient ailing with medical conditions that can be treated with cannabis. 

Patients can get help with various medical conditions chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, insomnia and any other condition that cannabis helps.  Being a patient a MMJ clinic, you'll get your MMJ card another year, depending on the the doctor's letter of recommendation.  Your rec requires an annual visit to your doctor - OneLoveMD connects you to doctors quick, easy, and very affordable.  We help you get your medical replacement weed card in less then 7-10 minutes in a doctor consultation.  Essentially you can get evaluated and approved then you'll get a pdf copy immediately for any California city, then the hard copy in a few days.  You'll be to buy marijuana medicine immediately once your OneLoveMD application is reviewed.  Your time is valuable so the MMJ  online process is a great option.

So, consider getting connected by OneLoveMD to a physician for your MMJ recommendation - FYI any licensed medical doctor in California can get your marijuana recommendation to you so that you can  continue visiting local dispensaries.

No matter which doctor or clinic you go to for your recommendation, the max time limit for a medical marijuana recommendation is one year. When your recommendation time expires, so will the weed card. Before the date of expiration for the doctor’s recommendation, you’ll need to get the cannabis card renewal.

How Can I Renew My Medical Card Online?

First, you'll need internet connectivity to renovate your MJ permission.  Usually this takes no more then 11 minutes total:  

  • finding the most affordable option for a clinic
  • adding your medical information to the re-evaluation form for medical marijuana card
  • uploading your ID picture, previous doctor’s recommendations and a good pic of you to include on your card
  • submit your application then the doctor will contact you
  • then – receive your MMJ card in your email

Medical marijuana re-evaluations are required every year. Typically clinics sometimes charge exorbitant prices for its re-evaluations.  At OneLoveMD, we understand the economic factor associated with buying medical services in California.

How to Renew Medical Card Online, medical marijuana card renewal

Where Can I Get My Medical Card Renewal Online?

California allows the use of online telemedicine for healthcare instead having to go to the physical clinic. Tele-health is a viable option for you to re-activate recommendation medical marijuana card online.  The online options is fast, easy, and affordable.  Plus you can get 24/7 verification online.  Some opt for the MMIC ID card from the state - you can more info on the MMIC CA program here.

How Long Does The Medical Card Renewal Process Usually Take? Overall - no more than 11 minutes!  

The first step is filling out the medical form for weed card renewal in California. Once submitted, your doctor will review the medical information and contact you in minutes. Next your receive an email with your pdf copy of the new medical cannabis card recommendation.  Afterwards, you can buy medical cannabis from any dispensary in the city. The hard MMJ card copy arrives in the mail in days.  These California doctors specialize in helping you get your rec or med card renewal online at the the 420 evaluation clinic - again - it's the cheapest and easiest method.  Once you obtain the doctor’s recommendation ,  you can register at the Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program (MMICP), where you get on the online registry for California weed patients and gives you the state-issued medical marijuana card.


We've discussed pertinent information for the search “where can I renew my medical marijuana card”.   Trust OneLoveMD to deliver the doctors at an affordable price, high quality, fast, and adhering to the privacy rules.  We'll connect you to licensed doctors who can evaluate you for renewing your mmj recommendation, or help get a new marijuana card if you lose or damage it or if you just need a card for medical or recreational use. OneLoveMD is here to serve How to Renew Your Medical Marijuana Card online!

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