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Posted 09/03/2017 in Conditions

Insomnia & Medical Marijuana

Insomnia & Medical Marijuana



Do you have sleepless nights? Do you find yourself waking up during the wee hours of the night? At times you find it so hard to fall asleep when you retire to bed. You can even take hours before you fall into deep slumber. It’s okay to toss and turn in bed once in a while, but the continuous lack of sleep could be signs and symptoms of insomnia. Nevertheless, did you know that medical marijuana can cure insomnia

Sleep deprivation drives people crazy, but worry no more. Due to advancements in science, we now know that medical marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes such as curing insomnia. Lacking a good night sleep can interfere with your daily activities. 

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is the lack of sleep. There are two types of insomnia; 

• Primary insomnia is when it occurs on its own. That is, it’s not as a result of another disease. 

• Secondary insomnia which is insomnia that emerges as a result of other conditions such as depression, suffering from anxiety and even some medications. 

It’s quite normal to suffer from insomnia, and it affects most people at least once in their lives. It is because, us as human beings, we are prone to stress, worry, anxiety or even fear. Other than this, there are other causes of insomnia such as drug abuse, living in areas with toxic gasses and even poor eating habits. 

What are the signs and symptoms of insomnia? 

• First and foremost is difficulty in falling asleep at night. It’s the primary symptom of patients suffering from insomnia. 

• Feeling restless especially during day time. It happens because of lack of enough sleep on the previous night. 

• Poor performance at work or school. Most patients are unable to pay attention properly, therefore inability to perform well. It’s quite dangerous because it can lead to accidents, especially when handling machinery. 

If you notice that you have the above signs, you should seek immediate medical attention. There are lots of prescriptions that doctors can give you, but you should try out medical marijuana. 

The notion that marijuana is only for recreation and is dangerous for your health is so 18th Century. Medical marijuana is known to contain medicinal properties that can cure ailments. Insomnia being one of them. Legalizing marijuana has even made things much easier. You can use it without fear of breaking the law, as long as you have a medical marijuana card. We highly advise the use of cannabis indica to get yourself a good night rest. Sleep is vital, especially for the human body. 

Why medical marijuana?

• Patients who use medical marijuana find out that sleep is one of the benefits that accompany cannabis. The delta-9 THC relaxes your mind, therefore enabling you to fall asleep quickly. You should also note that cannabinoid-induced sleep is similar to regular sleep. Cannabis just provides a shortcut in getting into some deep slumber. 

• It’s a natural means of treatment. Compared to its counterparts “the sleeping pills,” medical marijuana is straight from the plants, and if you doubt this, you can grow it for yourself. It doesn’t undergo any chemical processing. 

• It cures insomnia mainly. The reason we recommend medical marijuana is because it cures the above ailment. Other over the counter drugs do help in treating insomnia, but most of them are for other ailments such as antihistamines. It’s wrong taking the wrong medication for an illness you don’t have. 

If you notice that you have the symptoms of insomnia, you should have a quick test and choose medical marijuana as your method of treatment. The results will be tremendous. 

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