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Posted 09/10/2020 in Medical Card Renewals

Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

Medical Marijuana Card Renewal

Cannabis is more than a recreational drug only. Its therapeutic components are used to treat various medical conditions such as HIV, cancer, arthritis, insomnia and inflammatory responses triggered by the autoimmune diseases. Like many other States, Medical Marijuana is legal in California. Getting an online Medical card may not be permitted in every state, but it is in California. The Food Drug Administration lets you have a cannabis card by applying online. If you are looking for medical marijuana to cure the symptoms of your disease, a medical marijuana card is a legal requirement. Your recommendation should be backed by a licensed physician to possess the required quantity of marijuana without any legal hassle. The certification works for a year, and you need to renew it at least 30 days before the expiry date.

Online Medical marijuana renewal in California is getting popular as it is easy and convenient to visit a website and get your card renewed simply. You will find detailed information about how to renew medical card online in California.

What Is Medical Marijuana Card Renewal?

Several health conditions can be cured using medical marijuana, such as muscle spasms, chronic pain, and mental illnesses. Once you find a solution for disturbing symptoms, there is no going back. The Medical card is not for a lifetime, and you have to renew it after a year. Instead of going through the whole process again, you can renew your card conveniently through online sources. Here you can renew your cannabis card without visiting the doctor. You can easily access all documents required to renew the medical card. Moreover, online evaluation is comparatively easy and quick.

But first, let’s take a quick look at how to get a medical marijuana card for the first time.

Steps to getting a medical marijuana card Online

·         To get a marijuana card for the first time, you need to visit an online site that offers medical marijuana evaluation. Access the registry and apply for an evaluation.

·         To claim a medical marijuana card, you must prove that you are suffering from one of the chronic qualifying conditions. For that, you need a physician’s recommendation. The doctor may run diagnostic tests to evaluate your health condition.

·         If you qualify for a medical card, you will have to pay online, and your card is sent via mail. 

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Renewing a Medical Cannabis Card in clinics

Cannabis card renewal can be done at the clinic of any certified physician. You can also visit the doctor who provided the original medical marijuana card. He will assess your condition again and forward your request for renewal. If you visit the same clinic, most likely, they will have your information, and you only need to show your government ID or driver’s license. It is just to prove that you still live in the same state.

If you are going to a new doctor for renewal, you will have to bring your original certification and ID. Don’t forget to take along all necessary medical records, which proves that you suffer from at least one of the medical marijuana card qualifying conditions.

Make sure to bring all these along if you want to get the certification in a single visit:

·         Medical records

·         State id/ driver’s license

·         Current marijuana card

·         Form of payment

When you get to the doctor’s clinic, simply tell them that you want to renew your medical marijuana card and show them your ID. Show them the original cannabis card and wait for your turn to see the doctor. They may ask you to fill out some forms. The process of renewal s crucial because it is not necessary that you will get a renewal because you already qualified for a medical card. If your health condition is better, the doctor may not suggest more medical marijuana. If so, just know that you may not be able to get a renewal. However, if the physician approves, you will get your renewed cannabis card in about ten business days. The renewed card will be active for another 12 months, and you will have to renew it 30 days before the date of expiry. Moreover, remember to report your misplaced or stolen card immediately without any delay. In such a case you will have to pay some replacement fee.

California medical marijuana cards online renewals

You can use your medical marijuana card for a year, and then it will expire. While the card is viable, the patient can possess about 4 ounces of marijuana. However, once the card expires, it is illegal to be found with marijuana. You require to get a recommendation from the doctor and renew your marijuana card. If your card is nearing its expiry date and your health condition requires more medical marijuana, get it renewed quickly through an online source. Online renewal is time and money-saving. You won’t have to wait in a queue in the clinic and get your new card at home with no hassle.

Getting an online renewal is an easy and brief process. You just have to sign up and fill the form with your biodata, the medical condition you are suffering from, recent medical reports, and get it approved by the doctor online. The doctor will have a short video call with you to inquire more about your health issues, and if you convince him, your card will be sent to you by mail.

The Process of Online Cannabis Card Renewal

For online medical marijuana card renewal, you only need your medical records and a stable internet connection. Once connected to the doctor, it will take no more than 15 minutes to qualify for a new updated medical card. Here is what you have to do.

·         Create an account on the website and login to it.

·         Choose a suitable package with pricing and services.

·         Fill the form with your personal information, your picture and the old doctor’s recommendation.

·         Now submit the application and wait for the doctor to answer. You won’t have to wait for long.

·         Once the doctor reviews your application, he will ask for a video call to evaluate your condition and decide whether you need a renewal or not. He may ask you to show your medical records like X-ray, MRI and CT scan etc.

After the evaluation, you will receive a confirmation email, and then you just have to wait for a few days until your renewed certification arrives at your home address.

You need to apply for a renewal as soon as the validity of your previous card comes to an end. Online renewals are cheaper because if you go to a licensed doctor’s clinic, you will have to pay a consultation fee of more than $200. Moreover, online facilities also allow you to move freely as you are not bound to stay close to the clinic for medical marijuana evaluations. You can be anywhere in California, and your medical card is delivered at your doorstep, so you can roam around freely.

Is It Legal to Renew Medical marijuana Cards online?

The government of California urges people to use the online possibilities where ever possible. It is evident that regular medical marijuana evaluation can cost a lot. When you visit the physician, he may ask you to undergo some diagnostic tests, which will cost separately from the doctor’s fee. Online renewals are inexpensive, fast and completely legal.

Benefits of Cannabis card Renewal

The medical marijuana card is essential to purchase cannabis for medicinal use. It is beneficial in treating several health conditions, such as chronic pain, inflammatory conditions, and mental health issues. It can be smoked, eaten, or applied topically. People suffering from a terminal illness may also use it to keep themselves calm and anxiety-free. Fewer taxes are levied on the sale and purchase of marijuana, which is why it provides financial benefits as well. Those who use it for recreational use can also buy weed at inexpensive rates. You can quickly get different varieties and strains with varying quantities of THC of cannabis according to your requirements.


We hope that this guide is enough for you to know about your medical marijuana card renewal and the complete process. If you are looking for a credible source for your card renewal, you may go for http://www.onelovemd.org/. If your health condition still requires a medical marijuana card, the doctors will not take an extra minute in giving you a green signal. You can also apply for a card renewal if you have lost your previous certification, or it is damaged and cannot be used anymore. However, you must report it to the Department of Health immediately. Medical marijuana is an effective solution for a number of chronic health issues apart from recreational use. If you think your deteriorating health condition also requires a medical marijuana card, apply for it now. Let your physician know everything about your disease and prove it with the medical records.