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Posted 08/15/2017 in Medical Card

Medical marijuana effects on Hypertension

Medical marijuana effects on Hypertension

Hypertension is a common health condition that affects many people where blood flows through arteries at a rate that is greater than the norm. It is caused by a restriction on blood flow either by improperly functioning valves or narrowing of vessels. It is often associated with inflammations, insulin resistance, tumors, thrombosis, kidney problems, and infectious diseases, etc. People who are affected by the condition frequently have to take prescribed meds for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, however, is that drugs that are medical marijuana based have shown that they can help to lower blood pressure effectively with negligible side effects.

When it comes to high blood pressure and medical marijuana, it is fascinating to learn that research that done on rats revealed that cannabis only had an effect on the lab animals with hypertension and not the ones that had normal blood pressure. Worth noting is that components of medical marijuana produce an anti-inflammatory response by lessening inflammation on the lining of the blood vessels which restricts or impedes blood flow; thus, widening blood vessels to reduce blood pressure.

To dig deeper into how marijuana helps people with hypertension, it would help to know what was going on during the studies on lab rats. During the study, researchers injected THC (an active ingredient in cannabis) to rats with high blood pressure. They discovered that blood pressure dropped almost immediately. The situation remained the same even after several days passed. The same thing was done to cats, and it also bore similar results. Given that cats do not have high blood pressure, it was safe to assume that THC lowered blood pressure even when there was no pre-existing condition.

During another study to show the relationship between high blood pressure and medical marijuana, experts measure vitals of subjects before smoking marijuana and after. Research revealed that even though it was small, there was a decrease in both the diastolic and systolic blood pressure when the patients were through with smoking. It was done with marijuana that only had 3% of THC. Today’s cannabis has more than 20% THC which implies that the small decrease in hypertension could increase significantly.

Researchers have made a lot of steps to understand how medical marijuana works. They uncovered that the body has an endocannabinoid system that features neurotransmitters that come with biochemical which are responsible for controlling emotional and immune functions that directly relate to hypertension. Marijuana cannabinoids work at the roots by mimicking endocannabinoids in the body. It helps to reduce the feelings of stress as well as lower inflammation that causes high blood pressure.

Studies of high blood pressure and medical marijuana reveal that cannabis components can reduce hypertension which can also decrease the risks of various serious illness like cardiovascular diseases characterized by a heart attack, risk of stroke and even heart failure. It goes to show that patients should not turn a blind eye about the plant regardless of how much negative information surrounds it.

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