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Phantom Limb Pain & Medical Marijuana

Phantom Limb Pain & Medical Marijuana


Phantom Limb Pain & Medical Marijuana treatment options – get 420 evaluations online for a California medical marijuana card for Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom Limb Pain and Medical Marijuana

About Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom pain is very complicated in general and needs to be treated in a similarly complicated manner. People who have phantom pains will feel as if pain is radiating from a body part in spite of the fact that this body part was removed. Amputees often have problems with phantom pain. This is partly due to the fact that the nerve endings at the site of the amputated limb might still be intact. The brain might still be able to receive pain signals from those nerve endings. There is also the fact that people have a tendency to hold onto memories of pain. Those memories could feel more real than actual pain from actual nerve endings.

Treatments for Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom pain is treated using a wide range of different methods today. Many amputees will get physical therapy as a matter of course. Part of their physical therapy will involve coping with the phantom pains that they might experience. In some cases, scar tissue that might be entangling the nerve endings could be removed, making it easier for people to get rid of their phantom pains.

However, many patients will respond better to medications. The fact that phantom pain usually has a psychological component makes it even more important to find a medication that is going to make people feel better emotionally as well as physically. The connection between the treatment of phantom pain & medical marijuana is complicated, partly because phantom pain is just as complicated.

Phantom Limb Pain & Medical Marijuana

There have been paraplegic patients who, when surveyed, revealed that they were able to relieve some of their phantom limb pain as a result of smoking marijuana. A large number of pain patients have been able to use medical marijuana in order to relieve their pain, so it is not surprising that it would work well for phantom limb pain.

There is also no doubt about the fact that marijuana is able to help make people feel better emotionally. From the people who take the drug in a purely recreational manner to the people who are specifically using it for medicinal purposes, marijuana has well-documented psychological benefits. The fact that phantom pains have such a strongly psychological component makes it even more important for people to be able to treat that aspect of the condition as well.

Obviously, psychological problems are physical problems. However, psychological problems are still very difficult to treat in general. The fact that marijuana can address the psychological and physical aspects of phantom pain can make a huge difference for the people who are living with it every day. Patients who are living with phantom pain will usually employ a wide variety of treatment methods. Marijuana can work very well as a treatment method in that way.


Patients all over the world and all throughout time have been able to benefit from the use of medical marijuana. People who have psychological and physical pain have been able to benefit as well. Phantom pain is both psychological and physical, and marijuana can help one way or another. Explore how to get a medical marijuana card in California 2017.




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Phantom Limb Pain and Medical Marijuana