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Posted 10/05/2017 in Conditions

Spinal Cord Injury & Medical Marijuana

Spinal Cord Injury & Medical Marijuana

One common question on online health forums is; what are seizures? Seizures are caused by electrical signals in the brain, which are abnormally excited. They cause sudden changes in the attention or behavior because of the disturbed brain function. The extent of seizure symptoms varies extensively, from staring periods, loss of consciousness to violent convulsions.

Medical Marijuana and Seizures

Depending on the brain's part that's disturbed, seizure symptoms vary. Most cases of seizures involve shaking of the body, loss of awareness, twitching of the body among other symptoms. However, other types of seizures may not show these symptoms. Seizure symptoms appear suddenly, for example, over seconds or minutes. They include:

Seizure symptoms

Changes in your consciousness, which results in you not remembering anything for some period

Falling as result of loss of muscle control, that happens suddenly

Twitching as a result of muscle movement, that spreads down or up your legs and arms

Tightening of your muscles or muscle tension, causing twisting of the body, legs, arms or head

Americans, numbering almost 3 million and consisting of all ages, are affected by seizures and epilepsy according to the Epilepsy Foundation. Its annual cost is $15.5 billion, which is just an estimate, that’s for both direct and indirect costs. Some kinds of medications prevent seizures as long as patients take them regularly, although there's no cure for seizures or epilepsy.

Medications control about 70% of patient seizures-but leaves patients, about 30% without relief. That’s again according to the Epilepsy Foundation. Traditional epilepsy drugs have side effects, for example, slurring of speech, double vision, sleep disturbances, weight gain, sedation, unsteadiness, irritability, hyperactivity, which happens in children, changes in mood, hirsutism, and gum dysplasia.

Medical marijuana has enabled patients suffering from seizure disorders and epilepsy to find relief, either when taken along with other traditional medications or on its own. Patients who suffer from seizures but their bodies’ can’t take other anti-seizure medications have used marijuana to control their seizures successfully.

Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University, in a 2003 study, found that the cannabis receptor protein that’s produced by the body naturally and ingredients in marijuana play a vital role in controlling the sudden seizures during epilepsy episodes. However, there's still much to be known.

Another advantage of medical marijuana is that it lacks the above side effects that traditional epilepsy medicines have. The side effects of marijuana are classified as low risk and are usually mild. Marijuana side effects include euphoric mood changes in most cases. You want a treatment that offers you the least side effects since you’re already seeking relief from a serious medical condition, don’t you?

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