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Spinal Injury

Spinal Injury


Spinal Injury & Medical Marijuana treatment options - get 420 evaluations online for a California medical marijuana card for Spinal Injury

Spinal Injury and Medical Marijuana

Understanding Spinal Cord Injuries

The available spinal injury and medical marijuana research consistently shows that there is a very strong connection between the two. Spinal cord injuries are fairly broad. Any sort of damage to the nerves at the base of the spinal canal or the spinal nerves could be classified as a spinal cord injury. Some spinal injuries are minor enough that they can be treated right away. Others are much more serious and will completely change a person's life.

Causes and Symptoms

Many different conditions and circumstances can lead to spinal cord injuries. Obviously, in many cases, people will just develop spinal cord injuries as a result of trauma in the event of an accident. Most spinal cord injuries are just caused by trauma. However, there are other situations where spinal cord injuries are caused by cancer, inflammation, arthritis, infections, or the degeneration of discs in the spine.

Many patients will experience chronic pain as a result of spinal cord injuries as a result of the associated nerve damage. Other patients will suffer from temporary or even permanent paralysis. The pain associated with spinal cord injuries can sometimes go away. Other people will have to live with it throughout the duration of their entire lives. They'll need to be able to cope with it in some fashion. Managing spinal cord injuries often specifically means managing pain.

Spinal Cord Injury Treatments

The available treatments for spinal cord injuries will always vary on the basis of the actual spinal cord injury and the extent of the damage involved. In some cases, patients who have had spinal cord injuries will be eligible for surgery. In other cases, the nature and location of the spinal cord damage will stop doctors from being able to intervene in that way. Many patients will take medication in order to help themselves live with spinal cord injuries over the long-term, particularly in terms of the pain.

Medical Marijuana and Spinal Injuries

It's especially important for people to be able to cope with the pain associated with spinal cord injuries. Many individuals in this instance will struggle with chronic pain for the rest of their lives. Lots of them will be prescribed opiates, all of which carry terrible side effects. Addiction is one of the side effects of opiates. A number of chronic pain patients will develop addiction, worsening their underlying symptoms and giving them additional issues.

Medical marijuana has the advantage of being safe to use. It's also not addictive, which is a huge benefit for the individuals who are interested in warding off as many negative side effects as possible. A lot of people are trying to find ways to reduce pain for people suffering from those sorts of issues. The research has demonstrated over and over again that medical marijuana can make a huge difference for the people who are suffering from chronic pain as a result of spinal cord injuries. Explore how to get a medical marijuana card in California 2017.




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