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How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in California

Definitive Way to Easily Get Your Medical Card in California Today

One frequent question on online forums is; CAN I GET A MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD in CALIFORNIA ONLINE? The answer to this question is yes, and to quote Former President Obama-“Yes You Can!”.  Weed use has been legalized since 1996 since California voters helped the passage of the Proposition 215Senate Bill 420, the Compassionate Use Act.  The easiest and best way to get your MMJ card is to apply it online. we’ll look at all you need to know about getting this California medical marijuana card.

First of all, you need to have one among the 50 conditions that qualify you to get recognized as someone who needs the medical use of cannabis for you to apply for your cannabis card through OneLoveMD. Our website can get checked here. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask us any questions, that’s if you aren’t sure about anything. If you think that medical marijuana is one option that can alleviate your condition or symptoms, and you qualify, then using the online means is the easiest and simplest route to buy your MMJ card.

What are Medical Cannabis Card Costs in California?

Getting your MMJ recommendation online is not expensive at all. It costs just

$39 for a PDF only medical card

$49 to get your medical marijuana card,

$69 for MMJ card & plastic ID card, and

$169 for your Grower’s Recommendation 

california medical marijuana card


Online Guide for How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in California

The fastest option to receive a doctor’s MMJ recommendation online is to sign up at OneLoveMD.

Enrollment in the state California Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC) program is a voluntary one, so it’s totally your decision if you desire to go through this process as we will discuss below.   In general the process for to get your medical marijuana card in California is as follows:

  • Have a qualifying medical condition
  • Fill it out the medical history form

  • Get connected to a doctor who can provide a MMJ evaluation for an MMJ recommendation

  • Discus your medical condition with the doctor

  • Get your MMJ recommendation pdf emailed

  • Visit your local medical or recreational marijuana dispensaries or get cannabis delivery

Age Restrictions:

Both minors and adults can legally apply for a medical marijuana card in California. Minors who are 18 years of age or young must have parental consent and proper identification.  

Adults simply need to be 21 years of age or older.

What are the Qualifying Medical Conditions Required to get a Medical Card in California?

Requirements to get a Medical Marijuana Card in California

how to get a medical card in california online

Since 1996, marijuana has been legal for medicinal use in California based on Proposition 215- it’s been a fantastic success for the majority of its citizens. The purpose was to allow patients to buy medical marijuana products for their qualifying medical condition.  Doctors can provide a physician certification for cannabis since the past twenty years, with the implementation of medical cannabis card. So the question is, in 2018, now that it is legal to use marijuana for recreational use, would one still need to have a California medical marijuana card? Well the answer is Yes, and I’ll explain why. Proposition 64 was passed in January, which allowed Californians to enjoy marijuana recreationally, and everything in proposition 64 was finally implemented in January 2018 - then Prop. 64 added new statutes to Section 5 of the Health and Safety Code, Use of Marijuana for Medical Purposes

So there is always confusion and red tape while passing new laws and regulations. So while things are still in the confusion stage, absolutely hold on to your MMJ recommendation. Also when going from state to state, it is not legal in other states, so having your card in your possession or not still may not help you in another state. But better safe than sorry, so it may help you in that kind of tight situation. But there will be recreational use cards as well. So hold on to your cards, you will still need them for dispensaries for a while until things are still being settled. The proposition has benefits that will be useful to already existing medical card holders, so hold on to that medicinal status because you will be grateful that you did, in the near future.

The MMIC program in California, stands for Medical Marijuana Identification Card Program located in the Golden State of  California. The purpose of this MMIP program, is to provide public health services to patients in need, located in the California. It provides healthcare by licensed professionals providing care for patients who need medicinal marijuana for their illness or chronic health issues. 

There are doctors, nurses, and a full staff of licensed personal at all MMIP locations, and they help people get healthcare at low or almost no rates. After the proposition 64 implementation, lots of these locations shut down for one reason or another, but it is still providing healthcare today in 2018, but following different rules and regulations.  Patients with MMJ cards can save money on taxes for cannabis. A medical marijuana patient can get a medical card renewal online   - OneLoveMD.org is making this process easier and perfecting the process of getting a medical cannabis card online and medical marijuana card renewing

Hopefully people of California will be able to legally own a gun and legally use some marijuana in the near future, and things are moving in a positive direction. Changes are coming, and California is leading the way for the rest of the country.

How can I apply for a Medical Marijuana Card as a Primary Caregiver?

Certain patients may be qualified for an MMJ Card yet have not submitted a patient application. For instance, the have a medical condition but have only just found our site to to submit the patient application for medicinal cannabis.  The primary caregiver may be appointed to complete the procedure on their behalf for the medical marijuana treatment.  The person is added to our secure private caregiver registry.

 To qualify as a main primary caregiver under California's marijuana legislation, the following requirements must be met:

  • You have been designated as a licensed medicinal marijuana user for that reason.
  • You are perpetually liable for that individual's housing, health, and/or safety.
  • The treatment you provide is distinct from the assistance you provide in obtaining medicinal marijuana.
  • You started caring for the individual at or before the time you acquired responsibility for medicinal marijuana assistance.
  • The person is added to our caregiver registry 
  • Certification Signed
  • Upon successful completion of your consultation with a licensed practitioner on OneLoveMD's secure platform, a PDF version will be sent to you, together with your unique patient ID.


Do I Need to Provide OneLoveMD with My Medical Records?

No. To sign a certificate allowing people to apply for an MMJ card responsibly, our licensed practitioners will obtain a thorough knowledge of your medical history to consider you for medical marijuana treatment.
This enables them to conduct an accurate evaluation and determine if medicinal cannabis is an appropriate choice for each patient on an individual basis.

get a medical card in california
Is it legal for a qualified patient to cultivate cannabis in California?

Yes, it is possible to grow cannabis at home. At any one moment, you may cultivate up to six plants. You may only grow plants in your residence, and they must be contained in a lockable area that is not visible from the street. Additionally, some localities ban outdoor gardening.

What Is a Grower's Card of Recommendation?


It is California's golden marijuana ticket, allowing the bearer to cultivate up to 99 plants for personal use! However, use caution since the legislation is subject to change at any moment.

Additionally, it is critical to verify your local region for additional information on what you are permitted to produce. Finally, please keep in mind that a grower's endorsement is NOT a "get out of jail free" card. It simply protects you from expanding as much as you need. Additionally, you cannot sell it without obtaining a special license!

When in doubt, cultivate away from direct sunlight, ideally inside. Additionally, it is not a good idea to inform others about the hundreds of marijuana plants blooming in your basement. We highly urge you, however, to ascertain your county's regulations and to adhere to them.

A Medical Marijuana Card in California Can Be Yours in Minutes Online Today

You may apply for an MMJ card online in a matter of minutes. OneLoveMD is one of the most frequently used websites for obtaining permission for this card. Your 420 Evaluation will be completed in a matter of minutes on this site. No appointment is necessary for your assessment. Simply visit the website and create an account by answering a few simple questions. Then consult with an MMJ physician to get permission for your card. These physicians are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online.

As soon as the MMJ doctor approves, you will get an electronic recommendation through email, followed by a printed copy that will be sent by the US postal service within 3 to 5 days, shipped in a discreet envelope to safeguard your anonymity. Your medical cannabis recommendation will be accepted at any reputable dispensaries across the state of California. Your recommendation is given, complete with an embossed stamp indicating that you are eligible to get medical cannabis at any reputable shops.

If you want, you may print off the PDF recommendation after receiving it through email and bring it in person to a dispensary to get cannabis that day. Additionally, you may buy cannabis online from a dispensary in your neighborhood and have it delivered to your home within a few hours. Your 420 doctor can provide you with more information about local dispensaries and internet buying gateways.

Visit or chat online with a Physician from OneLoveMD Licensed by the California Medical Board - who has been thoroughly vetted.

If you want to guarantee that you can speak with a doctor or schedule an appointment with one fast while using cannabis for medicinal reasons, you may contact the network of doctors at dr-weedy.com to schedule an appointment immediately. This nationwide network of physicians is comprised of an enormous database of medical professionals that have been thoroughly verified and are certified to practice in California. You may simply make an appointment with one of these doctors or communicate with a doctor online via the Telehealth portal. A few clicks on the website can link you with a highly qualified MD.

Additionally, this handy online gateway saves and makes accessible medical records and information that you will need when applying for your California medical marijuana card. Additionally, you may use the Telehealth site to arrange convenient follow-up visits with physicians. This is a tremendous time saving for both patients and physicians. You may get all of the advantages of a medical visit without ever leaving your house.

The physicians at OneLoveMD utilize their knowledge to authorize eligible individuals for the use of medicinal cannabis to treat particular health problems. These doctors are used to delivering compassionate treatment while adhering to the strictest confidentiality requirements. Your medical records are always safe with our medical organization.

Whenever you need to book a consultation or follow-up appointment, either online or in person, your doctor will plan a time to meet you or speak with you.

Getting a California medical marijuana card used to involve going to a 420 doctors office, sitting, waiting to speak to the doctor, then getting the mmj  card.  But in 2018, with technological advances, obtaining a medical card is so much simpler AND CHEAPER. Now with websites like OneLoveMD, and a ton of others that are similar, you can get a marijuana medical card in about 2 hours electronically, but the whole process can be done in one day! So you use a website like OneLoveMD.org, mentioned above, and sign up. Many patients wonder do I still need a medical marijuana card?

Simply visit  GET MY MMJ RECOMMENDATION TODAY follow the prompts, answer the questions, and wait for a doctor to speak with you. The doctor will visit with you online or telephone for a few minutes while he is taking notes, asking 420 evaluation questions, and other health questions. He needs to meet with you for a few main reasons, like proof of identity, accurate diagnoses, and to confirm that you aren’t pregnant. Pregnancy will add a whole other layer of legal tape that even Californians do not fully understand. Smoking while pregnant is definitely illegal in some states, but the recreational use of marijuana is now legal, so that is still an issue. Its similar to other prescription drugs or even herbs/supplements, “risks cannot be ruled out during pregnancy.”

medical marijuana card california

What Does a California Medical Marijuana Card Permit?

In California, there is no set patient limit. Technically, a medicinal marijuana user may possess "whatever quantity is recommended by the physician."

We would, however, urge you to use moderate care. According to some sources, medical marijuana users in the state of California may carry up to 8 ounces on their person, although there is no information on what constitutes "reasonable" for a patient.

Avoid transporting cannabis over state borders. Maintain your cannabis cultivation in California. If you are traveling inside the state of California with cannabis, keep it in moderate quantities (e.g., 1 ounce/28.5 grams or less of dried flower or 8 g of hashish/concentrate, as permitted under recreational regulations), ideally locked up and securely stored.

If you have both concentration and flowers in your possession, you can not exceed the corresponding possession quantities. This implies that you can not transport an ounce of dried cannabis flower together with 8 g of concentrate. If you are carrying 4 g of concentrate, the maximum quantity of dried cannabis flower you may lawfully carry is 14.25 g. This is true for recreational cannabis users; medicinal cannabis patients may be granted some leniency, but we strongly advise not tempting destiny whenever possible.


Other Important Information on the California Medical Marijuana License Process

Once you receive the MMJ recommendation letter online, you can use it to enter medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.  Not all doctors feel comfortable to prescribe the MMJ recommendation for the many ailments and illnesses, although they are allowed to do this. The reason is that they may not fully understand the benefits or do not agree that medical marijuana is a form of treatment. You can access specialized evaluation centers, although you usually have to wait for long periods, followed by a short consultation with the doctor. However, by choosing to get your MMJ card online, you’ll save yourself heartaches, time and money, possibly. On our website, click the get started button, and you’ll be one step to getting your card.  

Cannabis use for medical issues started when the legislature passed the Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA).  This created a combined regulatory system for medical and recreational marijuana.  A qualified MMJ patient or their primary caregivers can possess up to 8 ounces,  227 gms, of dried marijuana per qualified cannabis patient, and can have up to six mature or 12 immature marijuana plants.

Why Get an MMJ Card in California Online?

How is an Online Marijuana Doctor Visit Different From an In-Person One?

Despite medical marijuana being legal in California for over two decades (and now with recreational marijuana), it’s no secret that most primary care physicians aren’t willing to write patients a doctor’s recommendation for medical cannabis. While many patients try asking their primary doctor for a recommendation (and some have succeeded), most are firmly denied or even asked to find a new doctor.

This uncomfortable reality is what has allowed medical marijuana doctors to thrive in California. While such doctors go by many names — cannabis specialists, weed doctors, pot doctors, 420 doctors, etc., the services they offer are all generally the same. Namely, such doctors are licensed by the medical board of California, and see patients specifically for the purpose of recommending medical cannabis as an alternative treatment option for whatever illness ails them.

If you need marijuana for your medical condition but are not 21 years of age – but at least 18, you can get a California mmj card.  You are not allowed to buy weed recreationally. California medical marijuana law, rules, regulations that allow patients to grow marijuana at home as part of the medical marijuana program.  

Cannabis medicine  is more affordable with an mmj card due to the tax breaks.  You’ll pay local taxes, but save on state taxes using your state-issued California medical marijuana ID card or MMIC.

Additionally, MMJ recommendation cardholders have more access to medical weed and can grow cannabis at home. In California, recreational dispensaries can contain 1,000 mg of cannabinoid / packages of lotion or tincture but medical cannabis dispensaries can offer products with up to  2,000 mg of cannabinoid.

Recreational consumers can grow up to a maximum of six cannabis plants at home and carry max 1 ounce of weed. Medical patients can grow up to 12 immature plants but can grow more with a doctor’s mmj recommendation which states that the patient needs to grow more to help meet their own reasonable help for medical needs.

Application for Your Medical Marijuana Card

In order for a medical patient to get the Medical Marijuana Identification Card (MMIC), patients need to go through the county program of their residency once they have had a medical card evaluation & submit the application fee. The county offices  provides the process  to get the MMIC ID card or registry ID card for medicinal purposes in their specific county.  The cardholder can use this at any medical marijuana dispensary.


Among the 50 qualifying conditions that allow patients to get their card for medical marijuana online is depression.

The online means is straightforward and fast. All you need to fill are relevant medical documents or information, including the standard medical form and upload them on the website. The next step is the evaluation process with one of our medical marijuana physicians, which takes a few minutes. It can be via Skype or over the phone if that’s what you prefer. You’ll need to provide the physician with relevant information regarding your qualifying condition and your medical history.

The medical marijuana doctor, who’s (highly specialized) will advise you on the best type for you and the ideal amount you should take. The doctor will also provide you with the advantages and risks that using marijuana for medical purposes is associated with.

Your MMJ card, your official recommendation letter, the doctor’s signature and an embossed seal will be sent to you through your mail, that’s once you have the green light after the evaluation process, although you have to renew your card every year. The MMJ assures you that your personal information won’t get shared with government agencies or third parties. That’s unless you request us to do so.

What Can You Do With Your MMJ Card in California?

You will still be permitted to smoke medical marijuana where tobacco smoking is allowed, that’s if you have a CA medical card.

However, once you have possession of your California medical card, you’ll now be able to purchase medical marijuana from licensed medical dispensaries. You can also grow them or order it online through secure marketplace sites.

Proposition 64 has legalized marijuana use for adults over 21 years of age for leisure purposes, which means you may be wondering if you still need to apply for a card. Our advice is yes. The reason is that the proposition comes into effect next year, which means you need a card for the remainder of this year. Come 2018; it’s wise that you renew you MMJ card online as a result of several reasons.


Without your medical marijuana card, the proposition allows you to grow only six cannabis plants. That’s compared to when you have your cannabis card, which allows you to cultivate a maximum of 100 square feet of your plants for medical purposes at any given time.

If you have the CA medical card, you will still be allowed to smoke medical marijuana where smoking of tobacco is allowed, although leisure use will not be allowed when around social places.

Finally, the proposition will not increase the medical marijuana price since California’s medical marijuana card patients are exempt from paying sales taxes.

If your question was, CAN I GET MMJ RECOMMENDATION ONLINE? The above post shows it’s quite simple to get your card online. You can check out our FAQs, speak to your medical practitioner or look at our website to find out if you qualify. You will then follow the above-outlined route, which means reducing some symptoms of your condition and taking a little bit control of your life. So explore get a medical marijuana card online in California to get yours today!

Get an Online MMJ Medical Card Recommendation Renewal 420 Evaluation - California Medical Card


How OneLoveMD 420 Evaluations Work?

Just create an account, fill out a basic medical questionnaire, upload a photo of any U.S. identification, and you’ll be contacted by one of our friendly, licensed doctors immediately after. Once your evaluation is complete, you’ll be approved (the consultation is free otherwise) and will receive an instant electronic version of your recommendation via email. Your official paper copy arrives in the mail a few days later and comes with the doctor’s hand signature and a raised, embossed seal that’s required by all California dispensaries.

There’s no need to look for your nearest medical marijuana evaluation center on Google, our licensed doctor physicians are here to help make your cannabis experience safe and comfortable.

Below you’ll find a list of California cities which complete information on the history of cannabis in that city, medical marijuana law and ordinances passed around medical marijuana, fun and exciting places to visit after properly medicating yourself, and more!

But keep in mind, you can start our online process and chat with a 420 doctor at any time, the entire process is 100% online!

Californians have had medicinal marijuana legalized for years now- which makes most of its citizens happy, or at least the population is used to the marijuana law by now. So everyone is accustomed to the system of medicinal marijuana use, so some ask how to get a medical card in California online. The medicinal marijuana cards are very common to have, and tons of Californians are card holders. But if you’re not a Californian, it may be a bit confusing, so I will try to briefly clarify this system. It is quite easy to get a medicinal cannabis card in CA, but that was not always the case. Basically you need a recommendation or prescription from a doctor, and then that recommendation will make you eligible for a card. Years ago, one had to go to a doctors office, and discuss why one would need to be prescribed marijuana. You need a recommendation from a doctor first in order to get an actual marijuana card. So once a doctor would see you in his office, he would write down a prescription of recommendation for marijuana. Ailments such as glaucoma, ptsd, and depression are all adequate reasons to be treated with marijuana. 

With the physical recommendation in hand, you can obtain a marijuana card from a licensed doctor or professional. The card has your picture on it, describes some physical characteristics, and allows you to go into a weed dispensary and buy weed legally. It is similar looking to a Driver’s license which allows you to drive a vehicle— a cannabis card allows you to buy weed legally from dispensaries. It has your photo, eye color, hair color, height, weight, birthdate, and Identification numbers, just a driver’s license. So obtaining the card in this way through a licensed doctor, would cost you the price of a doctors visit. The recommendation could cost about $75 to $100 dollars on average, but it could totally depend on which doctor and what insurance covers you for how to get a medical card in California online.

Right now the two kinds of ownership do not mix, but apparently, according to some sources, There could be a solution arising in the near future. Believe it or not, some peace could be at the end of the road regarding this issue. But until then, it will remain confusing, unfair, and simply ridiculous. Of course, gun violence really is an enormously growing issue and it has always been inextricably linked to drug sales, but the fact that marijuana has been legal for twenty years- and now is legal for recreational use- is creating a huge issue right now. Starting on a Federal level, ending all the way down to local levels, this issue must be addressed and solved.

Supreme Court Case Wilson vs Lynch in 2015, the federal court ruled in favor of the 1968 ruling, that gun ownership and marijuana drug use cannot overlap, one person cannot have both. Wilson lived in Nevada and owned a medicinal marijuana card. She needed a gun for protection from nature, bears, animals, and Home protection. She was outraged that a gun dealer would not sell her a gun, so her case made its way all the way to the Supreme Court of appeals. But unfortunately she lost, and could not own or purchase a gun. She had to forfeit or give back her marijuana registry card if she wanted to purchase a gun. Somehow if you were already a gun owner, you could get a medicinal marijuana card, so it doesn’t really make sense. So now with the recreational use of marijuana being legal, the issue is being brought up again in 2018.

how to get a medical marijuana card in california

What is included in my OneLoveMD Online Medical Marijuana Evaluation?

OneLoveMDl's online medical marijuana assessment process is simple and convenient. To get started, we'll need some basic information from you as well as certain medical records. These are safely sent to one of our licensed practitioners, who may get acquainted with your application prior to your session.

The consultation itself is straightforward and safe, since it takes place through our custom-built telemedicine platform. You will meet with a California-licensed practitioner who has expertise in providing a physician certification to individuals suffering from a variety of medical conditions. The registered practitioner will talk with you about why you are applying and will inquire about your medical history and current problems.

At the conclusion of the consultation, the registered practitioner will be able to make an educated judgment about whether or not to recommend medical cannabis usage based on the medical information received. If an application is approved, the licensed practitioner will complete the certification, which will then be sent to the applicant in PDF format. This certificate will include your unique identification number, allowing you to register with the state's private registration. Additionally, you may utilize the certificate and identification number to apply for a Medical Marijuana ID card.

If your application is denied, you will get an email explaining why our registered practitioner was unable to issue the certificate to you. There will be no fee associated with the consultation.

The physician certification is valid for one year from the date of acquisition.

OneLoveMD doctors are compassionate, knowledgeable, and can help answer your questions. OneLoveMD medical marijuana 420 physicals California since 2011. Cannabis helps a few medicinal conditions. So when some patients explore How to Get a California Medical Marijuana Card, and to evade opiates and other prescriptions which cause negative side effect reactions and are profoundly addictive. Our OneLoveMD physicians have helped a large number of California patients in treating ailments. We take pride in teaching our patients about the advantages of obtaining a California medical marijuana card online medical card evaluations near me.

Is the Information I Provide When I Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card Confidential?

Yes. OneLoveMD is dedicated to safeguarding our patients' privacy. Our online service complies with HIPAA regulations, and our systems are intended to safeguard all of your private information.

Why Would Someone Need a Medical Marijuana Card in California When Recreational Cannabis Is Legal?


Although recreational marijuana usage is now legal per California law or its marijuana act, it is still worthwhile to get an MMJ card because it will allow you to visit a medical marijuana dispensary. he card also offers legal protection.  You are permitted to possess significantly more than one ounce and to cultivate up to six plants. Additionally, you get access to more powerful marijuana and save money by avoiding sales tax. Additionally, medical marijuana shops often conduct discounts in order to attract MMJ cardholders into the store.  Cannabis card patients can also present their recommendation to law enforcement.  The California Department of Health allows patients to get the CA MMJ identification card as well (MMIC).


Does California's Medical Marijuana Program Allow Reciprocity?


California is not a state that accepts referrals from other states. As a result, if you live in Colorado and hold an MMJ card, you cannot buy marijuana from a Golden State medical dispensary. On the positive side, non-residents may seek a medicinal marijuana prescription. As previously shown, the procedure is as painless as one might expect. Additionally, you may take advantage of California's recreational marijuana legislation.

Arizona, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Michigan all recognize a current, valid California medical marijuana identification card and recommendation letter. However, admission to medical cannabis clinics in other states is at the discretion of the dispensary. Reciprocity is a legal term that refers to the fact that participating states recognize the validity of California medical marijuana recommendation.


What Is Possession and What Are Its Limits?

 Holders of medical cards are permitted to possess and travel up to eight ounces of dried marijuana (check your county). Additionally, they may develop up to 12 immature plants, six of which can be adult.


how to get a medical card in california easy

What Are the Rules for the Caregiver?


You may employ a caregiver to assist you in purchasing or using MMJ if they fulfill the following criteria:

  • Minimum age of 18 years. If they are an emancipated minor or the parent of a minor who is a qualifying patient, they are exempt.
  • Multiple patient caregivers must live in the same county as you.
  • They are permitted to weigh up to eight ounces and are subject to the same growth restrictions as adults.
  • Primary caregivers must submit an application in person with the patient and present photo identification.


Where in California Am I Allowed to Use Cannabis?


You may use marijuana only in a private setting; public smoking remains illegal. Cities like as San Francisco, on the other hand, have onsite consumption permits. Smoking or vaping in a non-smoking environment carries a $100 penalty.

Additionally, smoking marijuana is prohibited within 1,000 feet of a youth center with children, a childcare facility, or a school. MMJ usage in a motor vehicle remains unlawful, even if you are just a passenger. If you consume marijuana or have an open container of cannabis aboard an aircraft or boat, you will be fined $250. Cycling while under the influence of marijuana is even illegal in California!

Acquiring Your Marijuana Medicine

Patients can opt grow their own marijuana, or buy weed from licensed dispensaries. You could get a growers recommendation to grow 99 plants as well. It’s illegal to sell without a license. Medical marijuana dispensaries can be found throughout the Golden State.

Regulations for Out-of-State Patients

State marijuana law permits non-resident adults with a valid driver’s license, or state ID, or federal ID to buy marijuana for recreational use. Both residents and non-residents need a doctor’s MMJ recommendation from a licensed California physician to buy medical cannabis products in California. Medical or adult-use cannabis users cannot cross state borders, stemming to the lack of ability for cannabis to go in-to or out of California.


Serving all patients with a legitimate ID/CDL in California searching for an option comprehensive technique.


• 100% Privacy and Confidential GUARANTEED!

• Sign-up online for an Appointment

• FREE evaluation in the event that you are not approved


Affordable Medical Card Cost & MMJ Recommendations Prices - DON'T PAY IF YOU DON'T QUALIFY for the Medical Card in CA

New patients and renewals from any doctor’s office can be seen in our online doctors  for your California medical marijuana card – also explore the OneLoveMD medical marijuana blog.

Get a renewal California medical card online

Get a new patient online 420 evaluation in California






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