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Tourettes Syndrome & Medical Marijuana

Tourettes Syndrome & Medical Marijuana


Tourette’s Syndrome & Medical Marijuana treatment options - get 420 evaluations online for a California medical marijuana card for Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourettes Syndrome & Medical Marijuana

Tourette’s syndrome is a complex hereditary disease which affects the neurological system of the human body. This neuropsychiatric condition is characterized by prominent tics, resulting from the anomalies in the brain and the nervous system. These tics are involuntary and they can either be vocal or physical. Vocal tics are usually noises such as grunts, shouted words and coughs while physical tics can involves jerking the head or even jumping.

The specific cause of Tourette’s syndrome is not understood by medical researchers. However, it is believed that the issues could be linked to anomalies in the basal ganglia. The condition does not pose significant physical threat to the patient. However, the tics can be straining, and the sudden movement or sound can cause embarrassment, particularly in gatherings. Therefore, treatment is aimed at managing the symptoms in the affected individuals.

Current Treatments

There are different treatment approaches taken in treating the symptoms of Tourette’s syndrome. These can be classified into therapy and medications. Therapeutic techniques include behavioral therapy which attempts to reverse the habits and psychotherapy which aims to control problems such as anxiety, ADHD and OCD which often affect patients. In some severe cases, electrical stimulation may be delivered to the brain to target the areas controlling the tics.

Medications can help in managing and controlling both vocal and physical tics. There are multiple types, so the right choice for an individual will depend on their health condition. Botox injections are used to relieve the movement in the muscle with the tic. Dopamine suppressants and blockers are known to suppress the tics, but they have significant side effects such as depression and weight gain. Other common medications include antiseizure, antidepressants and ADHD medications.

Tourette’s and Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been identified to have a potential powerful role in the treatment of Tourette’s syndrome. According to multiple studies conducted, cannabinoids present in the substance helps in alleviating the tics. The mode of action is not completely understood, but it is believed that the neuroprotective properties of THS (the main active cannabinoid constituent of marijuana) suppress the uncontrolled action of the basal ganglia and hippocampus.

Cannabis has been found to interact with standard medications used Tourette’s syndrome treatment and increase the effectiveness. This action has been noted for anti-psychotic or neuroleptic drugs. The improved response means that people with this motor disorder can achieve more relief. Marijuana has also displayed clinical response in patients who have failed to respond to other drugs.

Sleep disorders are common among people affected by Tourette’s syndrome. This is an aspect of the disease which reduces the quality of life. For example, most affected individuals will find significant difficulties in falling asleep. Cannabinoids are useful compounds which promote onset of sleep and the reduced frequency of tics ensured that the patients can sleep throughout the night.

Finally, it is important to note that the cannabinoids present in marijuana will also reduce aggression, minimize obsessive compulsive behaviors and alleviate depression. Explore how to get a medical marijuana card in California 2017.

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  Tourette’s Syndrome and Medical Marijuana 

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